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ewww what’s that smell?

We do an awful lot of drainage in this company. Shane is our main drainage man with all the latest equipment loaded into his van.   Shane says that smells coming from a plug hole can be a result of a trap seal being lost.

This can happen when:

1. When there is a fault in the trap or incorrect plumbing installation.

2. “Induced siphonage” caused by the discharge of water from another sanitary appliance such as a toilet or a shower which is connected to the same discharge pipe.  When the water falls down the pipe and passes the branch pipe connected to it, it draws air from it, thus creating a partial vacuum and subsequently siphonage of the trap takes place.

3. The trap seal is moved when large amount of water is thrown into the sink for example, if you throw a bucket of water down the sink. The water would go around the bend at velocity and force down the waste pipe, leaving no seal.

4. The most common problem is when capillary action causes the loss of a seal. Material such as hair, a rag or piece of string can get caught over the bend of the trap.  This absorbs the water and deposits it into waste discharge pipe. The seal might then become lost.

5. If a trap is not used often, evapouration can cause the seal to become lost.  This is likely to take place within 10 to 12 weeks in a good hot summer.

So if you have a smelly plug hole, give My Plumber a call on 020 3078 5920 and we will send someone out to get it sorted for you.

ewww what’s that smell?

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