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Tips for refurbishing your shower room

The shower room is finished after 12 days of work.  This is about the average time you would expect for a small shower room.   You can really see the difference and I have to say, it is wonderful to be able to walk into a clean shower room with a wonderfully warm floor!

Here are some photos to show you the difference between the old bathroom and the new one:

Before and After
Before and after shower screen
Basin Before
Basin comparison
Basin After
Shower room as it looks now with mirror on
Final mirror basin and shower
Shower screen and vanity unit
Final shower and floor
Vanity unit and toilet
Before and After

Toilet and basin

Here is a list of my main tips when you are changing your bathroom:
1)  Make sure that you have heated mirror – this will stop it misting up when you are in the shower which is great for us girls as we can get straight on to putting our make up on.  For you boys, this means you can get on with your shaving without having to wait for it to clear.  Talk to our specialist bathroom plumbers in Chiswick on 020 3078 5920 or visit our website at
2)  Before you make a final decision on your tiles, show what you are proposing to your tiler to make sure that he can fit them within the budget that he has allowed for tiling.  You will pay more for some types of tiles:  marble, mosaic, porcelain.  Our tilers can assist you on this so if you need a tiler in Chiswick, please call us.
3)  Always allow 10% as a contingency for unexpected problems.
4)  Carry out a bathroom plan before the project starts and share this with your fitter.  Make sure that you include the standard that you are expecting for each item.  If you need a bathroom fitter in Chiswick or a bathroom fitter in west london, you will call us so we would run through this with you.
5)  Remember that wall hung bathroom furniture takes more time to fit than floor standing items.  So if you are looking for a budget bathroom, stick to standard floor standing items.  Call Leigh at My Plumber on 020 3078 5920.
6)  Think about your lighting.   Remember that putting a light above the mirror casts an unflattering light on your face.  Unless you want to be depressed every day, make sure that you have lights at each side of the mirror.
7)  Make sure that your plumber covers the carpets properly before starting work.  You should also be happy yourself that all your breakables, artwork, ceramics and anything that you want to keep dust free is moved as far away as possible.  Be very aware that dust will get everywhere no matter how hard you try.
8)  If you see photos of bathrooms you like, show your plumber this before hand so he can see what you like.  It might be possible to include some extra bits and bobs which will make a big difference to the look.
Please give us a call on 020 3078 5920 if you are looking for a bathroom fitter in Chiswick or West London  or if you need a plumber in west, south west or central London.  Our website address is    We professionally project manage and we have a team of fully qualified and experienced bathroom fitters and designers.  Email: to book a free visit.

Tips for refurbishing your shower room

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