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Who to use for your home repairs? Handyman vs Plumber

We quite often get asked what the difference is between a handyman vs plumber.   It’s easy to see see why people get confused because some of the “wet” jobs can be fixed by a handyman such as changing tap washers, changing a simple ballvalve, perhaps changing a trap under a sink.   Certainly, handyman can also be quite good at other simple plumbing jobs as well.   Plumbers are trained to carry out not only the simple plumbing, but also more complicated issues like problems with water cylinders, air locks, leaks on central heating, outside taps.    You would probably call a handyman out for simpler things than a plumber would do.

We have recently set up a new division at My Plumber.   This division is called My Handyman  and we have a separate website to show clients exactly what types of work we carry out.    We set up this division so that it was clear to everyone that we do offer a service which provides trades people who are multi-skilled. We also have specialist tradesmen who are trained in painting and decorating.  This is a much more skilled job than a simple handyman – though these trades men do carry out both types of work.

Call My Handyman on 020 3078 5920 for more information on handyman vs plumber questions!

Who to use for your home repairs? Handyman vs Plumber

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