Megaflo and Unvented Cylinders

Do you want to have high pressure hot water coming from your taps and showers? Then you need to get an unvented cylinder

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    Megaflo and Unvented Cylinders

    Do you want to have high-pressure hot water coming from your taps and showers? Then you need to get an unvented cylinder.

    Conserve energy with superior performance. Megaflo is the brand leader in unvented domestic water heating. They are ideal for larger properties with multiple bathrooms. Providing fast filling of baths, more powerful showers, and flexible installation locations.

    If you require a cost for installation of a Megaflow and Unvented Cylinder then our team can provide a free estimate and quote for the service.

    Here at My Plumber, we believe in not only providing a professional Megaflo and Unvented Cylinder installation service in London but also excellent customer service. That's why we are independently recommended, vetted, and monitored by Trustpilot where customers have rated our service an excellent 4 out of 5 stars. You can read all of our reviews by visiting our Trustpilot reviews page.

    Contact our team to discuss Megaflow or Unvented Cylinder system installation by calling us today on 020 3078 5920.

    Megaflow Unvented Cylinder Installation

    Do you want to have high pressure hot water coming from your taps and showers? Then you need to get an unvented cylinder.

    Why we recommend Megaflow

    Megaflow is the brand leader in unvented domestic water heating. An unvented cylinder can often provide a higher level of hot water than a combi boiler and can be an ideal solution for larger properties with multiple bathrooms.

    What is an Unvented Cylinder or Megaflow System?

    Megaflow is the leading brand of unvented cylinder. An unvented cylinder looks different to a normal cylinder. They are usually larger and white in colour (as opposed to bronze coloured). Also, you will need a specialist trained fitter to install them.

    Megaflow Installation Costs

    The cost of installing a Megaflow is different with every job. It depends on proximity to an external wall (for safety discharge outlet), proximity to electrics and size and location of the mains water pipe in the house. My Plumber will carry out a full survey to provide you with an estimate of how much the work will cost.

    Where can an Unvented Cylinder be installed?

    You can have your unvented cylinder or Megaflow fitted in most locations including: loft, garage, large airing cupboard or a basement.

    Does my Megaflow or Unvented System need to be serviced?

    Yes, it is highly recommended that you have your Megaflow or unvented cylinder serviced annually. This typically involves cleaning filters, checking and testing the safety components, valves and thermostats. We also check the thermostat wiring and general performance of the overall system. For the annual service we currently charge £94 per hour plus parts if required.

    Inlet Pressures for Unvented Cylinder or Megaflow systems operate?

    Inlet pressures usually range from 1.5 bar to 3.5 bar. There is a safety mechanism fitted to ensure the maximum is not exceeded.

    Installation of an Unvented Cylinder or Megaflow system

    Unvented hot water systems should only be installed and serviced by a qualified and competent person holding a current G3 Unvented Qualification. All our engineers who work on unvented systems hold this qualification. It is extremely important that the system is correctly installed, together with all essential safety controls. Building Regulations require all installations of unvented hot water cylinders to be notified to Building Control. My Plumber can take care of this for you when we install your unvented system.

    Is my mains water supply suitable?

    It is really important that your mains water pressure, at peak times, is a minimum of 1.5 bar dynamic pressure, although all unvented systems will operate at pressures as low as 1 bar dynamic. The size of the incoming main ideally needs to be at least 25mm MDPE or 22mm copper, in order to provide adequate flow.

    Reasons to choose Megaflow

    We think there are lots and lots of reasons you should choose Megaflow for your home, here are the top 5 reasons

    • Brand leader in unvented domestic water heating
    • Ideal for larger properties with multiple bathrooms
    • Fast filling of baths
    • More powerful showers
    • Flexible installation locations

    Our competitive hourly rates for Unventend Cylinder Services

    •  8am - 6pm6pm - 10pm
       Member priceStandard priceMember priceStandard price
      First Hour£94£110£107£126
      Subsequent Half Hours£43£51£51£60
      Day Rates£466£548--
    •  8am - 6pm
       Member priceStandard price
      First Hour£109£128
      Subsequent Half Hours£51£60
    •  8am - 6pm
       Member priceStandard price
      First Hour£134£158
      Subsequent Half Hours£64£75

    The minimum appointment time you can book is 1 hour, then we charge on an half hour basis. You always pay only for the actual time spent. If there is any shopping time and extra materials needed they come on top of the initial quote. 

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Megaflow and Unvented Cylinders. If you require further information on Megaflow and Unvented Cylinders then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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