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Reliable water softener installation in London

Extend the life of your pipework, water-fed appliances, and boiler system with water softener solutions tailored to your property needs

  • Installing and replacing water softeners of any make and model
  • Professional fitting compliant with local plumbing codes
  • Less frequent pipe blockages and cleaning housework
  • Service available for any day of the week, including bank holidays
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Have your water softener in London fitted in 3 easy steps

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    Save time by booking an appointment in real-time online. Choose a date that suits you and specify your requirements so that the plumbers can do their job with maximum efficiency. Feel free to arrange a viewing if you need sound advice on choosing the right model.

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    Meet the water softener installer in your area

    A qualified plumber will come fully equipped to check your plumbing and install your new water softener at the mains water supply - hassle- and mess free.

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    Enjoy bubblier bath and softer water 24/7

    Enjoy the benefits of soft water and seamless plumbing immediately and for many years. For your peace of mind, we offer a full guarantee on labour, meaning that if anything goes wrong with the installation, we'll take a look free of charge.

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How does My Plumber’s water softener installation help?

If you live in a London’s property, you likely notice crusty faucets, soap scum on the bathtub, spots on glassware, and even worse, irritated skin. Most often, “hard water” might not pose a health hazard, but sooner or later expect it to wreak havoc to your plumbing, such as reduced cleaning power of dishwashers, frequent clogs, pinhole leaks due to corrosion, limescale build-up on your boiler heating element, and the list goes on.

You can avoid these by simply investing in a household soft water installation that can remove any harmful limescale. In other words, fitting a water softener is a proactive prevention of plumbing repair service and improves your lifestyle.

No matter, if you have decided to upgrade your plumbing with a water softener unit or your current one has started making weird noises and get faulty, the water treatment specialists at My Plumber are here to help!
Here’s why install a water softener:

  • Limescale-free kettles, appliances, shower screens, sinks, tubs, pipes, etc.;
  • Clear and free-flowing taps and shower heads;
  • Reduced housework related to cleaning and scrubbing;
  • Prolonged life of your domestic appliance installations and less costs on boiler repairs;
  • Softened water may lengthen the life of your central heating;
  • Cheaper annual heating bills with up to 29%;
  • Reduced soap, detergent, and limescale-removers usage by up to 75%;
  • Clothes, towels and other washed items will look and feel softer on touch;
  • A way more affordable hard water treatment option than filtering the water through distillation or reverse osmosis.

Take action against hard water with our water softener plumbing services

You may think that water softeners are easy to set up. The reality is, DIY is not the route if you don’t have the right tools and know-how for removing, replacing, plumbing, and connecting your mains water fixture. The work involves your home’s main water supply and specific pipe alteration, so your best bet is to call a qualified plumber to install your water softener.

This is what to expect and how it is all done by My Plumber’s water softener fitters near you:

  • Professional help on where to install a water softener - During a plumbing survey, the expert will advise you on what water softener plumbing options are available for your household. Normally, a qualified and experienced expert will suggest installing a water softener close to the mains supply to ensure all parts of your home or office benefit from softened water.
  • Old water softener replacement - If your under-sink fixture is faulty or reached the end of its life, the expert can replace it for you and secure all plumbing connections, so there are no risks of flooding the area during the exchange. 
  • New household water softener installation - The plumbing professional has all the materials and tools ready ahead of time and he will neatly plumb your water softening appliance from scratch! Upon your request, My Plumber’s professionals can fit a water softener bypass tap so you can drink untreated water whenever you like.
  • Combining a water softener system with your home water filtration system -  Normally, water softeners are combined in the filtration system but if they aren't, we can still fit them after a viewing. 
  • Full testing of your appliance - At the end of the service, the engineer will make sure everything has been checked and there are no plumbing leaks.
  • Maintenance tips - Our plumbers can help you keep the efficiency of your water softener by sharing with you maintenance advice - from getting the right kind of salt and flushing the resin bed, to checking the salt level. 

What types of water softener installation services can your plumber do for you?

My Plumber works with industry-trained plumbers which are capable of replacing and installing any type of water softeners located both on the inside and outside of your property. Here are some of the water softener installation jobs that the engineers can handle, how these options work, and what they mean for you:

Replace and install salt-based or non-salt water softeners

  • Salt-salt based systems - Their mission has always been to replace calcium and magnesium ions in the water with sodium ions. The process of ion exchange removes hardness minerals from your mains water supply, turning hard water into softened, silky water. Because any fitting comes with some water pressure loss, your plumber will recommend you to install them on high flow applications and direct feed applications.
  • Salt-free systems - They act like “descalers” or “water conditioners”, preserving the chemical balance, yet reducing limescale formation on appliance surfaces. If you look for an efficient, maintenance-free, and affordable appliance, salt-free systems are your best choice. You’ll never feel the “silky”, “slippery”, soft water, though.

Change and install meter- and time-regenerated units

  • Meter-regenerated - Very efficient and convenient option as they keep track of how much water actually goes through the system and regenerate when needed.  
  • Time-regenerated - Just like a timer on a stove, they regenerate on a pre-set day regardless of the water used. You may find timed fittings an affordable option, but they are a significant salt consumer.

Installation of electric and non-electric water softeners

  • Electronic softeners  – This type of appliance is a great option for homes with serious hard water problems. Models are a popular choice because they don’t waste resources unnecessarily as there’s a timer that controls the frequency of the regeneration of the water softener. 
  • Non-electric - These models are a viable option for those who want to save on electric consumption. They are ideal for large households located in areas not heavily plagued with hard water.

With so many choices on the market, finding the best water softener system to fit your family’s needs may seem overwhelming at first. That’s why, we recommend having a home survey before installing a water softener.

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    Why choose My plumber for your reliable water softener installation company

    • In-depth understanding of any type, brand, and model water softener installs - Regardless of your requirements, My Plumber’s water softener technicians possess the exact qualities to adapt any soft water system to all types of UK’s plumbing systems. We can install or replace the following brands: Kinetico, Water2Buy, Eco Water, TwinTec, Culligan, Harveys, Quooker, Sears Water, Kenmore, Merton, Scalemaster, Purolite, Watts. You name it, we’ll take care of the installation.
    • Week-round availability - We recognise the importance of water softeners in London. Whether you’ve got a faulty unit or look for a new soft water system installation, our services are designed to fit into your everyday life. Get a real-time, free quotation or call our friendly customer support - we’re here with end-to-end solutions delivered the same or next day.
    • Expert installation, respectful for the plumbing codes - The water softener installers we work with in London are dedicated to quality service, compliant to governing laws, regulations that pertain to the plumbing industry.

    Find a water softener plumber near you

    Need a local water softener engineer to handle all your mains soft water system fitting? Find out the areas in the M25 and the surroundings where you can hire a professional. Getting to your office or residential property with a van fully equipped and stocked with materials, your soft water service will be a breeze.

    Awards and nominations

    Over the past decade the My Plumber's amazing team of skilled plumbers, gas engineers, electricians, and handymen have been recognised by winning awards and being finalists for multiple awards across London.

    • Hounslow Business Awards 2013
    • London Business Awards 2014
    • Hounslow Business Awards 2015
    • Hounslow Business Awards 2016

    Discover the difference of softened water with water softener installation in London