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Bathroom Installation

Our expert bathroom installation team can tackle anything bathroom related from simple updates to full installations

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Bathroom Installations in London

We’ve provided our bathroom installation service in London homes since 2005. We can supply your bathroom suite or install one that you’ve already purchased. Given we’re well known as local bathroom fitters in most areas of London, we can even pick it up from the shop for you.

Bathroom Installations

We have fitted numerous bathrooms and wetrooms in London and can happily put you in touch with as many clients as you would like to talk to.

Expert Bathroom Fitters

We have an experienced team of employed bathroom fitters plus an in-house project manager who will help to make sure that every aspect of your bathroom refurbishment goes smoothly.

All of our bathroom fitters have many years of experience and also receive regular training in Customer Services, so they will be considerate in your home. We also work hard to ensure that we are up to date with all recent health and safety legislation so that your project is managed safely.

Local Bathroom Fitters – Free Quotes and Estimates

We are happy to visit you to speak more about your bathroom project and provide you with a free ‘no obligation’ quote and completion schedule.
We partner with many leading brands so can offer a substantial discount on high street prices. We can help you select the perfect bathroom suite from our extensive range of supplier brochures and catalogues. However, if you already have your bathroom suite and furniture we are happy to quote based on labour only.

Bathroom Installation London Process

It is our goal to make sure your new bathroom installation is just as invigorating as the new bathroom itself, and this is why our professional bathroom fitters London take special care to ensure each step of the installation process goes as smoothly as possible for added peace and confidence during your upgrade.

In fact, some steps our local bathroom fitters take to help ensure a smooth installation process are as follows:

Customer Survey

The first step of the bathroom installation process will begin with a customer survey to find out your exact needs. Our local bathroom fitters will also conduct an inspection of your current bathroom space to determine the precise dimensions of your bathroom to help ensure a proper fit and to also ensure we provide you with the most accurate free, no-obligation estimate for your new installation.

If you have selected a new bathroom suite from one of our many kitchen and bathroom fitters catalogues or brochures, then once your new bathroom suite arrives, will get in touch with you to set up an appointment on your time to deliver your new suite.

Remove Your Current Bathroom Suite

Prior to the installation, we will remove and dispose of your current bathroom suite to make room for the new suite and in a way that is friendly to the environment. We will then shut off the water supply. Next, miscellaneous items, such as the blinds and cabinets etc., will be removed.
The existing waste pipes will also be removed to make room for the new ones, which will provide you with fresh, clean pipes for your new fixtures. We will also disconnect all electrical connections and then cap them off for added safety.

Our professional bathroom fitters will also put down carpet protectors to help decrease the risk of damage and also bring in a skip to help keep the site tidy during the installation.

Install Your New Suite

Once the old bathroom has been cleared, our team will then make the necessary preparations for the new supply pipes. Preparations will also be made for the waste pipes for the toilet, shower, bath, and basin.

The new pipes will run into the position of the new bathroom fixtures, and then the new fixtures, which were properly fitted prior to installation, will be properly installed.

Lastly, the new pipework will be tested for leaks, and the floors and walls will be restored. We will also check that the new fixtures are level and that the taps are working properly. The blinds, cabinets, and other miscellaneous items will also be re-positioned, and you will be free to enjoy your new bathroom.

Bathroom Installation Cost

The cost of a new bathroom varies significantly depending on the installations being fitted. However, the average basic bathroom installation cost typically starts at about £4,500.

Naturally, the more complex the job, the more it will affect the cost as each job is priced according to the specific situation, including the size and shape of your bathroom, which not only affects the number of materials needed to complete your new bathroom but also impacts the labour hours needed.

A quality, professional finish will also cost more initially, but it saves you from the hassles of receiving a less-than-stellar job where corners are cut to save money, which can result in more costly repairs later.

How Long Does Bathroom Installation Take?

Our bathroom installation London is specifically designed to provide you with the quickest, most high-quality installation possible to help give you peace of mind.

The overall length of time it takes to install your new suite will typically depend on the upgrades being installed. For instance, installing a new toilet, a basin with a pedestal, and a new bath can take anywhere from 6 to 10 hours, while changing the bath and basin taps can take another 1 to 2 hours. Again, the more complex the job, the more time it will take to complete your new bathroom. However, no matter the job, you can rest assured that our bathroom fitters will try their best to complete it in a timely manner so you can quickly enjoy your new bathroom.

For premier local bathroom fitters in London, consider the professional kitchen and bathroom fitters at My Plumber whose services are specifically designed to provide you with the best bathroom installation available and 9.7 out of 10 stars customer service to match.

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