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Our specialist Saniflo engineers can help with all Saniflo installations and Saniflo repairs in London

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Saniflo Engineers London

Specialists for all Saniflo Installations, Repairs, and Problems

Convert almost any space with a Saniflo system. Ideal solutions for toilets, bathrooms and en-suites, loft conversions, kitchens and utility rooms.

Here at My Plumber, our Saniflo engineers London can provide Saniflo installation and Saniflo repair services across the city. With Saniflo, you can turn a small space into an extra bathroom or toilet where traditional gravity flow system plumbing might not be possible.

Here at My Plumber, we believe in not only providing a professional Saniflo installation and Saniflo repair services in London but also excellent customer service. That's why we are independently recommended, vetted, and monitored by Trustpilot where customers have rated our service an excellent 4 out of 5 stars. You can read all of our reviews by visiting our Trustpilot reviews page.

If you need a Saniflo System installed or repaired in London then just call us today on 020 3078 5920.

Saniflo Repairs London

A blocked or overflowing macerator, is usually caused by a foreign object and can often cause the motor to become jammed, resulting in it being unable to pump water through the system and flush.

Limescale is another, not so common, cause of a blockage. If you live in a hard water area we suggest that you descale your system at least twice a year to minimise limescale build up.

If your system is making noises, vibrating, won’t turn on or off, is leaking or has pump problems, it might be time to call in an expert who can professionally diagnose the problem and offer expert advice on how to ensure that it doesn’t happen again in the future.

If your existing system is very old, or beyond repair, we can offer new installations at very competitive prices, just get in contact with our specialist Saniflo engineers here in London.

Saniflo Installation London

We offer a professional Saniflo unit installation and repair service to our London customers. The type of Saniflo system that will best suit your needs will depend on your existing plumbing set-up.

Our Saniflo Engineers London are available to discuss which type of unit is most suitable for your home.

If you need a Saniflo System installed or repaired in London then just call us today on 020 3078 5920.

How does a Saniflo System work?

The Saniflo macerates and breaks up toilet paper and human waste with a blade. The blade spins around and liquifies the waste whilst breaking it up. The water flushing into the system mixes with the waste and the pump then forces the waste through drainage pipes into the local soil pipe or drainage system.

Essentially, the waste is pumped by the Saniflo unit into the nearest soil pipe. For example, if you have a loft extension and your bathroom is on the opposite side of the house to the soil stack, you would need a Saniflo Unit to pump the water and waste across the house to the soil stack.

A Saniflo unit is usually installed when there is a distance between the toilet, shower, basin or bath and the soil stack. Our Saniflo Engineers London can install a new system for you, and repair any existing system. If you need help to find the right model or what are the benefits of the Saniflo system, here are the answers to your questions.

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