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Main Benefits to Have a Saniflo Installed in Your London Property

Convenient Saniflo installation

Saniflo toilets are built with a patented technology that allows installation almost anywhere in your home. They can be used in areas not initially intended for a toilet, like an outdoor workshop, an attic, a corner nook under the stairs, or a basement bathroom where upward movement of waste is necessary.

Portable solution

Macerating toilets are easily portable solutions, especially if they are constructed as an all-in-one unit. Some models have nothing more than four screws, so you can easily move them to a new location.

Durable and long-lasting

Saniflo toilets are thoroughly tested for up to 50,000 flushes. Most of the products can last between 10 to 15 years or even much longer when you take care of them properly and repair them before the damages become serious.

Water and energy-efficient solution

With Saniflo systems, water consumption is kept to a minimum compared to standard toilets, which make them environmentally friendly. Incorporating the impeller technology ensures less water is used with every flush, so you lower your water bills. Due to the liquified form of the waste, the water pressure used to force it is much less than a standard toilet, which results in lower energy usage.

Enables to attach additional sanitary fixtures

Depending on the Saniflo system you purchase, you may be able to install a shower in addition to the unit in your bathroom. The water pumps can deal with the washing machine, dishwasher, bathtub, and sink drains.

No digging required

The technology used in the Saniflo systems allows you to install a toilet virtually anywhere. The standard toilets require an underground drain line, while a Saniflo toilet doesn't need such, which results in easy and fast installation.

What Kind of Saniflo Systems We Can Install for You

Saniflo offers a wide range of products to choose from, allowing you to have a new bathroom, utility room or kitchen in any room, wherever you need extra utilities. A bath in the basement, a loo in the loft or a shower under the stairs! Wherever you need access to conventional drainage, but there's none close by, a macerator can help you install extra facilities without the need for major building works. Depending on your needs, the domestic range consists of various macerators and pumping solutions for bathrooms and kitchens. Here is a quick overview of the most popular Saniflo products used in the basement, ground floor, upper floor, and loft/attic.

  • SANIFLO UP - The original macerator pump. This is a one-of-a-kind machine that allows for the easy installation of a toilet virtually everywhere, especially when conventional solutions are impossible.
  • Sanitop UP - Like its ancestor, this model allows connecting a WC and a washbasin to one macerator pump.
  • SANIPLUS UP - By choosing this macerator, you can have an additional bathroom quickly and easily. This device has two top and side inlets and a greater tank capacity, allowing you to connect a WC, basin, bidet, shower, or even a power shower.
  • SANISLIM - When you have concerns about the clear space behind your WC, you can benefit from installing the Sanislim pump. It can take waste from a WC, shower/power shower, washbasin and bidet due to its inlets on either side.
  • SANIPACK PRO UP - An ideal choice for modern and clean design spaces where back-to-wall or wall-hung sanitaryware is required. It can take waste from a WC, washbasin, shower or power shower and bidet.
  • Sanipro XR UP - An ideal solution for creating an en-suite due to its four inlets that allow dealing with a WC, washbasin, bidet and power shower.
  • SANICOMPACT - A compact WC with a built-in macerator that will easily fit in small spaces. It has a washbasin inlet and doesn't require a cistern.
  • SANIVITE+ - Pump suitable for kitchens or utility rooms. Its four inlets can deal with a kitchen sink, dishwasher, washing machine, shower cubicle, bidet, basin or bath. It can be concealed in a kitchen unit or behind a demountable panel for easy servicing.
  • SANIWALL PRO UP - It is designed exclusively for wall-hung WC with a built-in frame system. It has a dual flush system and an integral macerator pump, as well as three inlets. These features allow the device to deal with wall-hung WCs and a washbasin, shower/power shower or bidet.
  • SANIACCESS - These devices are designed with a double access point for servicing and maintenance without removing the device. Suitable for new installations as the outlet positions are slightly different from some other models. As the name says, Saniaccess 1 help you add one extra WC, Saniaccess 2 handles WC and basin, while Saniaccess 3 is designed to give you easy access for an en-suite bathroom - WC, basin, bidet and shower.

Note: In domestic properties, if you need pumping solutions for both WC and kitchen appliances, it is against Building Regulations to discharge a washing machine or dishwasher into a macerator taking black waste. In this case, you would need both a pump and a macerator. However, the larger macerator pumps mainly used for commercial situations, like the Sanicubic range, can overcome this regulation because of their capacity and design.

Why Choose My Plumber's Saniflo Engineers in London

Here at My Plumber, our Saniflo engineers can provide Saniflo installation, repair and unblocking services across London. They can help you turn a small space into an extra bathroom or toilet where traditional gravity flow system plumbing might not be possible. You can convert almost any space with a Saniflo system. Ideal solutions for toilets, bathrooms and en-suites, loft conversions, kitchens and utility rooms.

My Plumber has a team of experienced Saniflo engineers, so by choosing us, you can have peace of mind that you are not only investing in a high-quality product, but the quality of installation is also at the highest level. Whether a Saniflo installation or replacement, we can guarantee nothing but the best customer experience and quality workmanship.

Saniflo products may seem like an easy task for DIY enthusiasts. Still, in many cases, the savings you will make at the beginning are paid back when a poorly installed product stops working and needs professional attention. That's why we recommend not to underestimate the importance of reaching a qualified Saniflo engineer to do the installation.

Saniflo Repairs and Unblocking

Saniflo macerators are known for their flexibility and durability. Of course, with good maintenance, proper unblocking and timely repairs, by a skilled and experienced Saniflo plumber, your system will work flawlessly for years to come. However, limescale and blocking issues can occur in even the most robust of systems with time and use. We, at My Plumber, know how frustrating such situations can be. That's why we can respond quickly and help with any Saniflo repair issue.

But what are the most common Saniflo repair issues you may face?
A blocked or overflowing macerator is usually caused by a foreign object and can often cause the motor to become jammed, resulting in it unable to pump water through the system and flush.

Limescale is another cause of blockage. If you live in a hard water area, a limescale build-up can damage your Saniflo toilet. That's why we suggest that you descale your system at least twice a year to minimise this risk. Another preventative solution is to opt for a reliable water softener installation in London.

If your system is making noises, vibrating, won't turn on or off, is leaking or has pump problems, it might be time to call in an expert who can professionally diagnose the problem and offer expert advice on how to ensure that it doesn't happen again in the future.

If your existing system is very old or beyond repair, we can offer to arrange a replacement.

How Does a Saniflo System Work

The Saniflo macerates and breaks up toilet paper and human waste with a blade. The blade spins around and liquefies the waste whilst breaking it up. The water flushing into the system mixes with the waste, and the pump then forces the waste through drainage pipes into the local soil pipe or drainage system.

Essentially, the waste is pumped by the Saniflo unit into the nearest soil pipe. For example, if you have a loft extension and your bathroom is on the opposite side of the house to the soil stack, you would need a Saniflo Unit to pump the water and waste across the house to the soil stack.

A Saniflo unit is usually installed when there is a distance between the toilet, shower, basin or bath and the soil stack. If you need more details about the benefits of the Saniflo system, here are the answers to your questions.

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