Gas Safe registered enfineer repairing a boiler in a London property

Boiler Repair Services Done by Gas Safe Engineers in London

  • Gas safe registered local engineers
  • Repair all brands and types of boilers
  • A 1-year guarantee on workmanship and parts
  • 94% of boiler repairs fixed in one visit

We can fix any boiler type, model and brand, whenever possible, and replace your failing unit if needs be!

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Your Boiler Repair Services in 3 Steps

  • 1Schedule

    Schedule your appointment easily online

    Schedule a visit from a local Gas Safe Registered engineer for a day that suits you best. He’ll identify the problem and consult you on your options.

  • 2Qualified

    Your boiler gets fixed

    In most cases, your water heating unit will be fixed there and then. If a replacement part is needed, the engineer will arrange a second visit to complete the job after the ordered component has arrived.

  • 3Guaranteed

    Enjoy your 12-months guarantee

    The workmanship and parts used to fix your boiler come with a 1-year guarantee, which means that you can have that extra peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, you’ll be comprehensively covered.

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Common Boiler Issues We Can Fix for You

How Can My Plumber’s Boiler Engineers in London Help With Your Heating Repairs?

The professional will follow a few straightforward steps, in order to provide you with the excellent service you deserve.

  • Inspection and diagnostics - boiler specialist will check your appliance to identify the fault;
  • Complete the repair/replace the faulty part - your boiler will be fixed on the same day if possible or another appointment will be arranged;
  • Advise you on whether to replace the boiler - if your appliance can’t be fixed, the technician will suggest to you some boiler replacement options;
  • Maintenance tips - you can count on the professional’s expert boiler maintenance advice, as well;
  • Testing your appliance - at the end of the service, the repairman will go the extra mile and test if the system is operating properly and its peak performance.

If the expert needs to order additional parts for you, he’ll do so and schedule another visit to finish the job. Alternatively, you can source them yourself, of course, before he visits you again.

Gas and heating engineer repairing a boiler in London

How Much Does a Boiler Repair in London Cost?

My Plumber provides hourly-based boiler breakdown repairs, which include a careful inspection of the heating unit, expert diagnostics, replacement of any faulty parts and finally, testing of the repaired appliance so that you can be assured that everything works as it should.
How much a gas heating engineer will charge you depends on a lot of factors, such as project duration, your location, the time of day and whether it is a weekend or weekday. Because of this, you’ll find that the prices range for combi, regular and system boiler repairs in London wildly vary from £110 - £634. Nearly 80% of our customers book combi boiler repairs with the average and most common costs for fault finding and fixing: being £129. Check the below price table for further information on our gas engineer's hourly rates.
*Other price information:

  • Appointments8am - 6pmBefore/After Working Hours
    First Half Hour£62£73
    Subsequent Half Hours£54£66
    Day Rates£586-
  • Appointments8am - 6pm
    First Half Hour£73
    Subsequent Half Hours£66
  • AppointmentsBefore/After Working Hours
    First Half Hour£79
    Subsequent Half Hours£72

The minimum appointment time you can book is 1 hour, then we charge on a half-hour basis. You always pay only for the actual time spent. If there is any shopping time and extra materials needed they come on top of the initial quote. To give you an accurate estimate for your boiler services, you need to use our online booking form.

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    Boiler Repair or Replacement - What do You Need?

    Well, this can be a tricky question but we’ll help you get a clearer picture by focusing on a few factors that can be weighed out before the right decision is made.

    Things to consider when hiring a boiler repair expert in London

    Boiler warranty
    If your appliance is under warranty, it makes sense to get any issues with it looked at and fixed by a certified technician, as the boiler is practically quite new. In some cases, however, your water heating appliance can be rather old and problematic, but still in warranty (Bosch and Vaillant boilers come with up to 12-year guarantee). So, depending on the fault it has, a gas engineer can recommend the right course of action.

    Pressure problems with your boiler
    Not everyone’s got the time, knowledge and experience to fix water pressure issues with their boiler. For instance, you can only try to follow our expert advice on how to repair a boiler that’s losing pressure, but there’s never a guarantee that you’ll succeed. In that case, you can resort to our boiler repair expertise, as pressure problems rarely call for a replacement.

    Minor repairs
    A qualified plumbing or certified gas technician can provide you with cost-effective repair solutions when you encounter small issues with your heater. They can be fixed, so there’s no need for you to consider replacing your boiler, even if it’s been serving you for some years now.

    Issues with your heating system (radiators) 
    A certified technician can power flush your radiators if bleeding them, first, has not resolved your heating problem. Often, various hard particles accumulate in the system, which prevent your radiators from heating up properly.

    Reasons behind the need for a boiler replacement

    You have an old cast-iron boiler that leaks
    Cracks in old cast-iron boilers are simply not worth fixing! Consider getting a new modern boiler and dispose of your leaky water heating unit that will just keep causing you problems.

    Corrosion causes frequently the need for repairs
    The age of your boiler, combined with skipped annual inspections and servicing, can lead to corrosion buildup in the unit. Often, rust appears on the outside of its body walls, too. Naturally, it makes sense to replace your boiler in such a case, instead of spending your hard-earned cash on expensive repairs.

    Combustion issues
    If a Gas Safe Registered engineer determines that your boiler has poor combustion, he may advise you that it’s not worth the risk of dealing with it, but you better replace your unit with a new one. You see, the problem can lead to fire risks or the leaking of lethal carbon monoxide gas. Watch out for signs, such as the pilot light keeps blowing out or there’s some soot on your boiler, and if present, call an expert straight away.

    You have an old and rather noisy boiler
    Strange noises coming from your boiler could mean that the pump or fan has become faulty. Just consider what’s more cost-effective -  to replace those or just get a new, more modern and efficient water-heating appliance!

    Dangerous flue
    Replace your old boiler and the concealed and potentially dangerous flue with a modern appliance, which comes with a flue that has an inspection hatch, and thus, meets all gas safety standards. You’ll be most likely advised to do so during your annual boiler servicing.

    Your boiler is well out of warranty
    Old boilers, which are no longer in warranty, naturally break down more often. Add the lack of original parts, as well as the frequency of issues you have with the unit, and you’re faced with constant expenditures on repairs. Well, it’s time for a new boiler, isn’t it?

    Who Repairs Boilers?

    Depending on the type of fault your boiler has, the repair work may require specific expertise. No hot water or no heating issues involve working with gas, so only Gas engineers are allowed by law to perform any job.

    A heating engineer most often works only on heating systems, making him a specialist in this field, rather than a general plumbing expert.

    If you have problems with blocked pipes and leaks or you need an appliance that uses water to be installed, calling a plumber is the right decision. Many plumbers do possess several plumbing qualifications, and they could be Gas Safe registered too, but this qualification is not required when the problems are not gas-related.

    My Plumber works with a team of well-trained and Gas Safe certified plumbers ready to solve any boiler and plumbing issue you may have.

    Why Choose My Plumber For Your Reliable Gas Boiler Repair Company in London?

    • Emergency repairs - We work with experienced engineers, who will do everything possible to fix your boiler on the same day. They are well-familiar with all boiler panel error codes and can repair a range of issues, such as your boiler is not heating up, cannot be turned off, the pressure is low, the radiators fail to work, etc. My Plumber provides emergency heating and boiler services, so if you need a specialist as a matter of urgency, don’t hesitate to call.
    • Easy online booking - Book online your London’s boiler repair service for a day that suits you the most. My Plumber works 7 days a week, regardless, which means that you can count on our assistance even on a public holiday.
    • Guarantees - We offer a 12-month guarantee with every boiler repair service, which covers the workmanship and the replacement parts. So, rest assured that you’ll receive stellar service every time with us!
    • Repairs of all brands - My Plumber’s specialists are Gas Safe Registered engineers, who have thorough knowledge and expertise. They are members of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers (CIPHE), and can address problems with any type of boiler, regardless of its model, brand and who installed it. Plus, your local boiler repair company is Worcester and Vaillant-accredited, meaning that it truly understands the nature of your appliance and your specific requirements. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Complete London Coverage

    My Plumber relies on qualified local teams of Gas Safe Registered boiler technicians, who serve domestic and business customers across London. Therefore, regardless of whether you own several rental properties or a B&B, or you are a private homeowner, the experienced specialist will repair your boiler expertly and up to the highest gas safety standard.

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    Awards and nominations

    Over the past decade the My Plumber's amazing team of skilled plumbers, gas engineers, electricians, and handymen have been recognised by winning awards and being finalists for multiple awards across London.

    • Hounslow Business Awards 2013
    • London Business Awards 2014
    • Hounslow Business Awards 2015
    • Hounslow Business Awards 2016

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