Underfloor Heating Installation London

Underfloor heating is often a more efficient way of heating your house and having no radiators provides extra space and a better aesthetic.

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Underfloor Heating Installation

If you need an underfloor heating installation service, then look no further than My Plumber, you local, award-winning, plumbing and heating company.

Underfloor heating can be your primary heat source, depending on the insulation efficiency of your property. It can free up valuable wall space that would otherwise be taken up by a radiator.

There are big benefits to underfloor heating installation in your home. For example, underfloor heating systems heat your rooms more efficiently, increasing the sale price of your property all whilst freeing up wall space and giving your rooms a better aesthetic.

Interested in an underfloor heating installation system? Then call our team on 020 3078 5920.

Reasons to Choose Underfloor Heating

With a conventional central heating system, where you have radiators installed, your luxurious tiled or wooden floors will almost always feel cold under foot.

Underfloor heating, or radiant floor heating, is an effective way of evenly heating a living space whilst providing cosy comfort and warmth to your feet.

Because underfloor heating works by generating radiant heat from the floor, warmth is distributed evenly around the whole room, unlike a radiator which has to convect heat from a single point.

Our senior heating engineers will be happy to assess your property and tailor an underfloor heating system that fulfills your needs, and considers the area of the room and type of flooring to be laid.

Better than Traditional Central Heating?

With underfloor heating systems having consider radiators when designing a new room a thing of the past. Additional space and better aesthetics allow much more freedom when it comes to interior design, so you can decorate your space and position your furniture exactly where you want. The nature of underfloor heating means that it can be designed to fit any shape room with ease.

Underfloor heating is a great solution for both large scale projects as well as individual rooms, with high quality single zone underfloor heating kits being available ‘off-the-shelf’ for smaller projects, making UFH an attractive and affordable solution for heating your property. Perfect for single room or multi room environments.

Improved heat outputs means that ugh can be fitted without a problem of heat loss in rooms with a lot of glazing such as patio doors, bi-fold doors and also in older properties where insulation may be an issue.

Additional components and controls give you precision control for individual rooms or zones, spending on your system design.

Underfloor Heating Installation Types

When it comes to underfloor heating systems, there are various types to choose from, and each has its own benefits. Therefore, if you are interested in underfloor heating for your home, it is important to understand each type before selecting one for your space in order help ensure it meets your exact needs.

Underfloor Heating Mat Installation

Underfloor heating mats work via an electric wire attached to the bottom of the mat, which enables the cord to be run around the area and then connect to the control unit and the thermostat to produce warmth. The underfloor heating mat can be applied to just about any type of floor, including laminate, tile, and wood, as well as in any room you choose. They offer an advantage over other underfloor heating options in that they are less visible and take less time to install than other systems.

Heating mats vary in temperatures, depending on the wire output as well as the heat settings on your thermostat. Therefore, it is important that you select a heating mat with the correct heat outputs for the floor type you wish to install the mat under in order to ensure it meets your needs.

When you contact us for electric underfloor heating mat installation, we will be more than happy to walk you through the various options for your specific floor type, so you don't waste your time or your money.

Bathroom Underfloor Heating Installation

A bathroom underfloor heating installation can be either water or electric.

An electric underfloor heating system utilizes a network of electrical wires that run just below the ground to warm the floor. However, this type of underfloor heating does not warm the floor as effectively; therefore, it is most often utilized in smaller spaces, such as the bathroom.

There are two main electric underfloor heating options: cable systems and flexible wire systems. Cable systems span larger areas with little effort, while flexible wire systems are usually more beneficial for smaller rooms or areas.

Installing electric underfloor heating requires removing the existing floor, which necessitates the assistance of a professional electrician to safely access the mains supply. It also requires screeding the floor, which may also require a professional to ensure the proper levelling.

Our certified heating engineers have successfully installed a number of bathroom underfloor heating systems and also consistently receive over 9 out of 10 stars from our many customers on Trustpilot for our professional installations and five-star customer service to match. So for a warmer, cosier bathroom in London this cold season, contact a local experienced heating engineer at My Plumber who strives to do their best for you.

Water Underfloor Heating Installation

A water underfloor heating installation system, also known as wet underfloor heating installation, operates via a network of pipes that run to your boiler, ground source heat pump, air source heat pump, or solar water heating system, which then circulates heated water throughout the floor to warm the area. It is also fitted to a thermostat so that you can control the temperature.

A water underfloor heating system can be installed in just about any room in your home, including the bathroom, kitchen, hallway, and living room, as well as below all types of flooring, including tile, wood, and carpet. You can also have a water underfloor heating system installed in more than one space.

Installing water underfloor pipes involves extensive knowledge of running plumbing connections as well as conducting various tests for resistance and continuity of current flows through the system to ensure the system is working properly.

At My Plumber, our heating engineers participate in the highest level of training and continued education in all matters regarding underfloor heat systems. Therefore, whether you are interested in wet underfloor heating installation, electric underfloor heating installation, or electric mat underfloor heating installation, we are properly trained and experienced to install your underfloor heating system anywhere throughout your home, and we can even help ensure you select the best system for your floor type, so you are satisfied with your system for years to come.

For swift, professional underfloor heat system installation throughout London, contact us on 020 3078 5920 to schedule an appointment, and our expert heating engineers will arrive promptly to assess your home and then work diligently to complete your upgrade.

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