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How We Tackle Boiler Servicing in the London Area

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What Does Your Comprehensive Boiler Service Include?

My Plumber offers two boiler servicing options, which cover various checks and testing tasks. These will ensure that your appliance functions safely and performs at its best capacity. The first one is the budget-friendly standard boiler service and the second one - boiler service plus.

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    Standard Boiler Service

    Starting at £123

    • The heating engineer will inspect your appliance, its components and controls to make sure that they are functioning correctly.
    • The professional will also check for any leaks, rust spots and signs of corrosion.
    • The boiler seal will be thoroughly checked, too, and if it’s not tight enough, then it will be replaced to prevent a dangerous gas leak in the future.
    • The ignition, as well as the heat exchanger, being the most important parts, will also be checked carefully.
    • The technician will also perform a flue analyser test to confirm that the burner pressure and combustion are all good.
  • 2

    Boiler Service Plus

    Starting at £135

    The Plus boiler service includes all the tasks of the Standard boiler service and the following additional checks:

    • The valves to the radiators will be visually checked for possible leaks.
    • All your radiators will be tested to see if they are heating up as they should.
    • You will also receive a My Plumber radiator key.

Why Should You Get Your Boiler Serviced Every Year?

Servicing your boiler on a regular basis improves the performance of your appliance, and thus, its lifespan. But more importantly, investing in specialist boiler inspection and testing will ensure the safety of your family and property. The engineer will inspect the appliance, piping, valves, connections, etc. for any signs of rust, leaks or other types of faults. Here are some of the main reasons why you should get your heating serviced annually:

Safe use

A malfunctioning water heater can put people’s lives at risk, be it because of the silent killer - carbon monoxide or due to the appliance catching fire. It's as simple as that. So, always get your water heating appliance serviced annually and in due time!

Warranty issues

Skipping your annual boiler service for whatever reason will result in your appliance’s warranty becoming invalid. This means that if your boiler breaks down, the repairs will be at your expense.

Energy efficiency

A well-maintained and regularly serviced boiler performs more energy-efficiently, providing you with comfort in the cold weather and efficient heating, and all this, not at an unnecessarily higher cost.

Serving you for longer

Your boiler will perform better and for years to come if you ensure that it’s serviced every year, that’s for sure. In other words, the discovery of a minor problem or boiler breakdown during the servicing won’t lead to a bigger one that can result in the need of boiler replacement altogether.

Landlords are legally required

A landlord must hire a Gas Safe Registered engineer to perform an annual gas safety check and boiler servicing, in order to obtain their gas safe certificate, without which, they would be breaching the law if continuing to rent out their property.

How Much Does a Gas Boiler Service Cost?

My Plumber provides two options - standard boiler service and boiler service plus, both performed by local Gas Safe Registered engineers. Check the below table or you can get an instant, free quote, direct from our online booking system. There are a lot of factors that affect the boiler service price. You see, sometimes, that's a one-off boiler service if you want to check your combi boiler condition when you're moving into a new home. Other times the wrenching fear of faults comes true, and the check-up comes with extra costs. At My Plumber, the prices start from the minimum charge of £116 and can go up to £586 (if any additional materials and repair works are included). For the thousands of annual boiler servicing tasks carried out by My Plumber, the customers pay £123 on average for a standard service and £135 for the extended Boiler Service Plus package.

  • Appointments
    Boiler Service£123
    Boiler Service Plus£135
    Landlord Gas Cert.(up to 2 appliances)£116
    Landlord Gas Cert.(3 to 4 appliances)£124
    Boiler Service & Landlord Gas Certificate£216

We want you to get the most from our services. So if there’s anything confusing, our 24/7 friendly customer service team will be on hand. The gas boiler annual service prices are fixed and include labour only. If there is any shopping time and extra materials needed, they come on top of the initial quote.

Boiler Service vs. Boiler Repair

Annual boiler check vs. boiler repair

Although boiler servicing may involve the execution of some minor repairs, there is a significant difference between the two services. You see, a boiler repair specialist will be called out to fix a suspected issue with your appliance, more often than not. A boiler servicing engineer, on the other hand, will perform a number of tests to ensure that your boiler is safe and works as it should. And if he discovers a minor problem, he may repair it there and then or advise you to invest in a boiler repair service.

In other words, an annual boiler inspection is designed to prevent the need of repair service. Also, a boiler repair service will not involve the performance of all the necessary tests but it’s booked specifically for the removal of a said boiler breakdown problem.

To sum up, a boiler service technician will ensure that the risk of costly repairs is significantly reduced, so resorting to it annually is not only a safe thing to do but also a smart financial move.

Boiler Inspection vs. Gas Safety Checks

There is an important difference between boiler servicing and a gas safety check. An engineer can be hired to service a boiler that runs on solid fuel, for instance, not on gas, for a start. In addition, during the service, the specialist inspects the appliance in detail and if necessary, he may fix or replace a small but important part to improve the performance of the boiler and ensure its safety. Furthermore, boiler servicing applies obviously to the boiler only, its connections and your heating system components sometimes, whereas a gas safety check involves the inspection of all your appliances that run on gas and their connections. During such a check, the professional will not attempt to repair anything but will only recommend what should be done if needed.

Still, both types of services should never be skipped, when due, as carbon monoxide-related deaths and injuries remain a serious problem every year in the UK.

Landlord gas-safe certificates

Remember, if you are a landlord, renting out at least one property, it’s compulsory for you by law to have a gas safe certificate issued every year after an annual gas safety check of all the gas appliances in the place. Landlord gas certificates, again, can be only given by gas-safe registered engineers, of course.

Here, it’s good to point out that even though private homeowners are not legally obliged to invest in a gas safety check, as they don’t have tenants, it’s still strongly recommended to do so for their own peace of mind and safety.

Why Choose My Plumber For Your Reliable Gas Boiler Service Company in London?

Gas Safe-registered boiler service engineers near you

My Plumber works with experienced and certified boiler engineers, who are members of CIPHE (Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers). They will service your water heating appliance, according to the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure that any small boiler problems are eliminated in due time. This will not only improve your boiler’s efficiency and performance but will also prevent you from dealing with future costly repairs.

We service any type, model and brand of boilers

Regardless of what model you have or how old your boiler is, My Plumber’s technicians will inspect the appliance, service it and test it as a final course of action to make sure that it works more efficiently and your home is nice and warm in the cold weather months. The professional will also recommend if anything needs to be replaced or looked at that doesn’t come as part of the boiler servicing job. Last but not least, My Plumber’s heating engineers are Vaillant and Worcester Bosch accredited installers, so they are officially authorised to look after your boiler and heating system. This may include system cleansing, powerflushing, installing MagnaClean filters, and other protective systems that are right for your central heating service needs.

Convenient online booking and flexible appointments

We strive to meet our client’s needs, even at short notice, as we know how stressful it could be to wait for your boiler to be given ”the seal of approval”, especially if you suspect some issues with it. However, we advise you not to leave everything at the last minute but contact us well in advance, in order to secure a timely boiler servicing appointment with us.

Gas Safe-registered engineer inspecting a boiler

How Can You Save on Your Gas Central Heating Servicing in London?

My Plumber has joined forces with one of the largest property maintenance service providers in the country - Fantastic Services, which has more than 100 services on its portfolio. The company has created a membership programme, called the Fantastic Club, which is growing in popularity every day. This means that you can also benefit from all the exclusive rates, special deals and various other attractive perks, the minute you book your plumbing service and join the club.

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  • Fantastic Cleaners

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