Leaking Toilet and Leaking Shower Service

If you have a leaking toilet, leaking shower or sink then our expert plumbers will get them fixed properly once and for all.

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Leaking Toilet and Leaking Shower Service

Got a leak that needs repairing? Whether fixing a leaking toilet, leaking shower or sink to finding and repairing troublesome hidden leaks in your piping, our expert plumbers get them fixed properly once and for all.

Our plumbers always carry a stock of the main replacement parts which means we can deal with 85% of leaks in a single visit. Where you have dripping taps, depending on the brand, it can sometimes be more cost-efficient to replace the taps. Remember that you will save money if you have the taps there ready for us to change.

A leaking toilet is a very common problem, as is a leaking shower, leaks around the bath, hand basins and sinks. These are all the plumbing problems that we repair on a daily basis. So you can be confident that we have the expertise to resolve them really quickly. We can also tell you when you need more extensive work carried out. For example, there is no use replacing a silicone seal if your bath is moving. The seal will break again in a matter of days or weeks. When the problem becomes more than a little issue, we have the capability of getting our project team in to fix the problem permanently.

We are also experienced in detecting hidden leaks that are causing damage to your home. These could be under floors or in walls. As well as causing thousands of pounds worth of damage these types of leaks can easily waste thousands of gallons of water a year if left unresolved.

If you need help fixing a leaking toilet, shower or drip in London then just call us today on 020 3078 5920.

Our Competitive Hourly Rates for Leaks Fixing

  • Appointments8am - 6pm6pm - 12pm
    First Half Hour£57£83
    Subsequent Half Hours£49£75
    Daily Rate£565-
  • Appointments8am - 17.30pm
    First Half Hour£73
    Subsequent Half Hours£65
    Daily Rate-
  • AppointmentsBefore/After Working Hours
    First Hour£83
    Subsequent Half Hours£75
    Daily Rate-

The minimum appointment time you can book is 1 hour, then we charge on a half-hour basis. You always pay only for the actual time spent. If there is any shopping time and extra materials needed they come on top of the initial quote. For small jobs, you can easily check your quote online via our estimating feature.

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    What To Do if You Find That You Have a Leaking Toilet

    It is not uncommon to experience a leaking toilet at one time or another. In fact, toilet leaks are probably the most common cause of water leaks in the home.

    If you have a leaking toilet, the first step to addressing the issue is to observe where the leak is coming from. Once you have determined where the water is leaking from, simply shut off the water supply to the toilet, which is usually positioned just below the tank, to stop the flow of water until the issue can be properly addressed.

    Some of the most common causes of toilet leaks include:

    A toilet that leaks from the bottom

    A toilet that leaks from the bottom - often signals that the wax seal that attaches the toilet to the floor has become worn or loose. Simply check to see if your toilet is connected to the floor using closet bolts. If so, slightly tighten one bolt, first, and then tighten the other bolts using an equal amount of pressure to readjust the toilet and anchor it to the floor. If this still does not stop the toilet from leaking, then the wax seal may need to be replaced.

    A toilet that is leaking between the toilet and the waste pipe

    A toilet that is leaking between the toilet and the waste pipe - means that each time you flush the toilet, water can leak onto the floor, which can lead to extensive damage if it is not properly taken care of. Usually, loose pipe joints are to blame for water leaks in this area. Therefore, you will need to inspect the pipe connections to see if they are loose and if water is seeping through them. If so, the pipe joints will need to be tightened to see if this stops the leak.

    A toilet that is leaking from the cistern

    A toilet that is leaking from the cistern - most likely means that you have a corroded bolt gasket. In this case, you will need to replace the gasket as well as the spud valves, which attach the cistern to the bowl, with new ones to see if this addresses the issue. If not, it could require more complex troubleshooting, which a professional plumber can help you with.

    What to Do if You Find You Have a Leaking Shower

    A leaking shower, like most water leaks, if left over time, can cause your water bill to skyrocket. Therefore, if you notice the sound of water dripping from your shower, or you actually see water leaking from the shower, it pays to address the issue as quickly as possible before it becomes more costly. Once you have discovered the source of the shower leak, simply shut off the main water supply until the issue can be addressed.

    Some common causes of a shower leak include:

    Water leaking from the shower head

    Water leaking from the shower head - this could mean that dirt and grime have built up on the shower head, which over time can hinder adequate water flow, which can cause leaks. First, remove the showerhead, and allow it to soak in a suitable cleaning solution. Next, use a toothbrush to gently remove any built-up dirt and grime in the shower head holes. Replace the showerhead, and turn the water supply back on. Test the shower head to see if it is now functioning properly. If this still does not solve the issue, you may have a faulty O-ring or washer that needs to be replaced. Completely removing limescale from the water distribution system is easily achievable with a water softener installation. The system reduces the build-up on your tap and pipes by turning the high-mineral content water into soft water.

    Water leaking from the shower valve

    Water leaking from the shower valve - usually indicates a worn gasket, worn washers, or a worn valve stem seat on the inner part of the valve, which will need to be replaced to restore your shower's efficiency.

    Water leaking from the shower drain

    Water leaking from the shower drain - is a common issue with fibreglass and plastic bathtubs. Because these types of tubs are made from a softer material, they can shift as you move around the shower, which can eventually break the seal that surrounds the plug hole or drain, enabling water to seep onto the floor.

    Water leaking through the tiles

    Water leaking through the tiles - can drip down onto the floor or accumulate behind the walls, which can eventually cause damage. In fact, some signs that your tiles are leaking include loose tiles, tiles that have fallen off, or mould present on the tiles. Leaking tiles are often caused by damaged grouting or silicone, which provide gaps for water to seep into each time you use your shower.

    A leaking shower tray

    A leaking shower tray - can be a result of various factors; however, the most common causes tend to be loose or cracked grouting or a space between the shower tray and the wall, which can also cause water to seep onto the floor similar to a leaking shower drain. In fact, because they exhibit the same signs, we recommend testing the shower tray before testing the drain to see if it is the source of the leak because it is often easier. To test the shower tray, be sure the shower drain is sealed tight. Next, fill a bucket with water and then pour the water into the shower tray. After a while, observe the floor around the shower, as well as the shower, for signs of leaking water. If you notice any water leaks, then the shower tray is the source of the leak, which means it will need to be repaired to stop the leak.

    How We Can Help Solve Your Leaking Toilet or Leaking Shower Problem

    We have both seen and repaired our share of leaking toilets and leaking showers over the years and have yet to experience a problem that we haven't been able to solve successfully.

    If your toilet is leaking, your shower is leaking, or you are experiencing a leaking shower tray, our professional plumbers will inspect your shower or toilet for worn gaskets, washers, and other worn inner parts and then replace any worn parts with new parts, if necessary, for an airtight seal that keeps water from leaking.

    As part of our thorough inspection, we will also observe the fixture for loose or damaged caulking and then apply new caulking, if needed, to restore the airtight seal around your fixtures.

    If we find that your water leak is due to loose pipe connections, we can both tighten and seal the joints to help prevent water from leaking.

    In more severe cases, where the shower or toilet leak is caused by damage to the actual fixture itself, we will then work with you to select a new fixture that fits your budget and your needs, as well as install the new fixture according to the manufacturer's specifications.

    As with any of our repairs, we use only professional-grade supplies so your repair is long-lasting and your replacement is as beautiful as the day you got it.

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