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Mixergy Tank – The Eco Friendly Hot Water Tank

The Mixergy eco-friendly hot water tank is coming to London! The eco-friendly hot water tank, with energy economy and cost savings, now has permit approval for London household installation. And we have granted My Plumber an exclusive contract for London and inside the M25!! Mixergy Tank – The Eco Friendly Hot Water Tank How Does […]

Types and Styles of Toilets

There are a number of different types of toilet and so you need to be fully aware of what can and can’t be fitted in your bathroom before you go to purchase a toilet. Ideally, you may need to get a toilet plumber out to check what type of toilet you have because it depends […]

Which Saniflo System is best for me?

Saniflo is the leading manufacturer of macerators, grinders and pumps that can be installed almost anywhere to create unique bathrooms, kitchens or utility rooms in even the smallest of spaces. When it comes to picking the best macerating system, always consider the following factors so that you can get more value from the product: Efficiency […]

Top 3 Gas Combination Boilers of 2017/2018

Due to popular demand we have updated our 2017 Top 3 Gas Combi boilers article for 2018. Bringing you the latest reviews of combi boilers from our qualified plumbers and gas engineers here at My Plumber. Currently gas combination boilers are the most popular and trusted kind of boiler in UK. However, choosing a brand […]

The Best Water Heaters of 2017 and 2018

Due to popular demand we have updated our 2017 Best Water Heaters article for 2018. Bringing you the latest reviews of water heaters from our qualified plumbers and gas engineers here at My Plumber. If you haven’t replaced your water heater in a few years or buying a brand new one this year, in 2017 […]

Best Combi Boilers 2017

The use of combination boiler or popularly known the combi boilers are increasing every day. Almost 70% of consumers in UK prefer to choose combi boilers over regular or system boilers. There are a few key indicators that we explain to all our boiler installation customers that will help you decide brand and model of […]

Which? Best Buy Boiler 2016

The annual Which? boiler report has awarded Worcester Bosch first place for the seventh year running. It achieved Best Buy status for all of its boilers. Its flagship Greenstar range received five-star ratings in five of the seven categories including reliability, quality and availability of spares. It was also voted top choice by homeowners and […]

Gas Safe Week 2016

Fighting for a Gas Safe nation We are proud to be supporting Gas Safety Week 2016, taking place 19th – 25th September. Gas Safety Week is an annual safety week to raise awareness of gas safety and the importance of taking care of your gas appliances. It is co-ordinated by Gas Safe Register, the official […]

Extended Worcester Bosch Boiler Guarantee Winter 2016

When installing any Worcester Greenstar Ri or i system boiler and Greenstar System Filter with the Wave, Comfort I or II or a Worcester Greenstore cylinders we can now offer customers a 9 year guarantee. As Worcester Accredited Installer we’ve been trained on Worcester Bosch products so can offer our customers extra peace of mind […]

How to fix a leaky boiler

What to do if your boiler is leaking If you’ve discovered that your boiler is leaking there could be a few reasons why. Our quick guidance will help you to diagnose the problem and get to the cause of the leak. 1. Find where the leak is coming from When water is leaking from your […]

How to check for bathroom leaks

Usually the first sign of a plumbing leak in your bathroom will be water stains on the ceiling of the room directly below. This is usually a sign that the leak has caused expensive damage to hidden areas and you’ll need to call out a plumber to take a close look and repair the leak. […]

How to change a kitchen sink

Kitchen sinks come in all shapes and sizes and swapping out your old sink for a lovely new one might not be a such a tricky procedure Of course this depends on a number of variables such as whether the dimensions of your new sink match the old sink. If your new sink is larger […]

How to fit, replace, or change a kitchen mixer tap

How to fit, replace, or change a kitchen mixer tap Having a problem with your kitchen tap? Maybe it’s leaking or possibly the taps themselves are playing up? Maybe you just want to replace them and modernise your kitchen. Most modern kitchen taps are ‘mixer taps’ where both the hot and cold water are delivered […]

How to change a push button toilet flush

How to change a push button toilet flush Many DIY enthusiasts choose to tackle this procedure themselves but by having one of our professional plumbers to carry out the work you’ll not only be covered for parts and labour but you won’t have to worry about sourcing the right parts to match your other fixtures. […]

How to remove and install a new toilet

In this blog post our expert plumber walks you through removing and old close couple system toilet, preparing the space and installing a new toilet system. Removing your old toilet 1. Remove the lid on the cistern The first step is pretty easy. Simply remove the lid to the cistern and have a good look […]

Nest vs Hive Smart Technology

Smart heating solutions for your home come in many shapes and sizes but 2 of the most well known are Nest and Hive. What do these systems do? Essentially, what these smart technology systems do is allow you to control your home heating systems remotely via apps or manually via a thermostat. You can schedule […]

Unclogging Bath Tub Drains

If your bath tub is draining slowly, or even worse, the water isn’t draining away at all you’ll probably need to get a plumber to fix the problem. Most bathroom drain blockages occur as a result of hair and other debris that can build up and block the drain. The first sign is usually that […]

Unblocking and Fixing Sink Drains

Blocked sinks are usually caused by soap residue and other debris that build up in the drain, usually around the plug-hole, u-bend or further down your drainage system. Your kitchen sinks is more susceptible to getting blocked as they generally receive more grease and food stuffs that can, over time, block your pipes. With your […]

Household Drains and Drainage Systems

Backed up drains, blocked pipes, clogged toilets and leaks are something that most of us have had to deal with at one time or another. In this article we aim to give a brief outline of a typical household drainage system and explain how we can avoid and fix some of the most common problems […]

8 tips to save on your water heating

According to the Energy Saving Trust each household in the UK uses on average around 360 litres of water each day. Roughly 20 percent of your household heating bill is for heating your hot water so learning how you can use water more efficiently will help you save money on your energy bills. A good […]

How to remove a radiator

Today we explain how to remove a radiator without draining the system down. Our team can help with radiator replacement services here in London. Any home heating system is complicated and something that most people don’t want to meddle with. However, one day you might find yourself in a situation where you’d have to remove […]

How to fit a TRV

What is a Thermostatic Radiator valve? A thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) is a device fitted to your radiator pipework that will individually control the temperature in the room by setting the heat output of the radiator it’s attached to. There are 2 main types of thermostatic radiator valve. One uses a spring that expands and […]

How to Find a Good Plumber

We’ve all heard the horror stories about a cowboy plumber that spends 10 minutes replacing a tap and the next 45 minutes texting his girlfriend before handing over an invoice charging well over the odds before riding off into the sunset. By no means are all plumbers cowboys. In fact its fair to say that […]

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Regulations 2015

From 1st October 2015 new regulations require landlords to ensure that carbon monoxide alarms and smoke alarms are installed in their properties. The regulations require that as a landlord you have at least one smoke alarm installed on every level of the property and a carbon monoxide alarm is installed in any room where a […]

Gas Safe Register

Gas Safe Register is the official list of gas safe engineers who are qualified to work safely and legally on gas appliances. On 1 April 2009 it replaced the old CORGI registration as the gas registration body in Great Britain and has since been improving and maintaining gas safety in the UK. Only a Gas […]

Boiler Efficiency

These days all boilers are required to be energy efficient, but there are still considerations that you should be aware of when you decide to buy a new boiler. Boilers are reported to account for as much as 55% of household energy costs and how efficient they are plays a big part on your energy […]

Hounslow Business Awards 2015

The third annual Hounslow Business Awards, organised by Hounslow Chamber of Commerce in association with Hounslow Highways, will culminate this Friday evening, 9th October 2015, with a glittering black-tie Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony at the Hilton, Syon Park. The event will be hosted by Neil Bentley the popular radio DJ. Stephen Fry, chief executive […]

What is ErP?

ErP stands for Energy related Product, which is a new regulation set by the European Union. The aim of the directive improve the efficiency and performance of heating and hot water products, helping to reduce carbon emissions. In the past there hasn’t been a uniform way to see the efficiency of heating appliances and the […]

Can you trust your boiler engineer

Which? reporters have conducted undercover research to discover how well ten heating engineers carried out a service to their faulty boiler…and were shocked by the results. Who were assessed? Five engineers were selected from the major companies and a further five from independents. The big companies that were assessed included British Gas, Corgi Homeplan, Home […]

Chiswick Rugby Football Club Juniors Sponsorship

We are very proud to be sponsoring the Chiswick RFC Juniors for at least the next 2 seasons. Two trophies are presented, each week, to the winners of the ‘My Plumber’ award. Each coach will select a ‘Player of the Week’ who, in their opinion, has performed well during the training session and has shown […]

A Brief History of the Central Heating System

Today we tend to take for granted living indoors at a comfortable even temperature. In winter especially, central heating has really changed our lives quite dramatically. Without it people had to spend hours carting coal about, lighting fires, keeping fires going, and they still had to wear masses of clothes indoors. To make a heating […]

Top tips to keep your home warm this winter

The winter months are just around the corner and during this time we all tend to spend more on our energy bills. Here are some effective ways to help you save a few pounds on keeping your home warm this winter. Tin foil behind radiators Source: Energy Saving Trust By carefully putting tin foil behind […]

10 Top Boiler Maintenance Tips

These are our 10 Top Tips for a Healthy Boiler… Choose My Plumber for boiler installations in London, from just £1650+VAT. We are fast approaching cooler weather and you might be thinking about turning your boiler on. Some maintenance carried out in early Autumn will not only save you money and but possibly even your […]

What is a condensing boiler?

This month we would like to explain the question that we are always asked:  what is a condensing boiler?  In short, a condensing boiler is a vessel that heats water using gas or oil.  They are efficient because the condense water vapour. 1) Are boilers only efficient when they are condensing? No! Condensing boilers are […]

Need a new boiler? Reasons to get it done now..

Newsflash… We’ve had notification from Worcester Bosch Boilers that there is a new directive coming into force from September 2015. This means that, unfortunately, all manufacturers will be putting their prices up so that their boilers can meet the new criteria.   Worcester Bosch have already raised their prices and we anticipate Vaillant doing the […]

Plumbers on Saturdays

For the rest of June and July, we are now able to book plumbing work in for Saturdays on the normal hourly rates. This means that, if you can’t be around during the week to let My Plumber in to do your plumbing, you can book in an appointment at our usual weekday prices on […]

My Plumber Hero of the week – Eugene Ryan

When asked about her experience with My Plumber, Mrs Nester-Smith said: “Responsive and responsible It’s lovely to deal with a company who are quick to act and who take responsibility for their work. Eugene has been a regular visitor to our home and we’re very pleased with his care, effort and determination to fix (and […]

How to unblock a toilet

Sometimes, you might have a small toilet blockage that you can unblock yourself without having to call out the experts. 1)   Do not flush the toilet If you flush the toilet, then the water is likely to run over the pan and onto the floor.  So the first thing to think about is actually […]

My Plumber 2005-2015

I am so proud to say that we opened our doors at My Plumber in May 2005 and we are still here trading in #chiswick 10 years later.  Not only that but we are bigger and better than ever. Our main focus has always been on Customer Services and it is you, our loyal clients, who […]

ewww what’s that smell?

We do an awful lot of drainage in this company. Shane is our main drainage man with all the latest equipment loaded into his van.   Shane says that smells coming from a plug hole can be a result of a trap seal being lost. This can happen when: 1. When there is a fault in […]

London Emergency Plumbers

My Plumber provides a 24/7 emergency service for plumbing and heating work in the London area.   This means that if you or your tenants need someone urgently, we are just at the end of the phone.    We can usually get to you within 2 hours of your call (subject to demand). The engineers […]

Landlords to make tenants safer under new legislation

From 10 October 2015, Landlords will be required to install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms in rental properties under new legislation proposed by the Conservative Government.    The measure has strong support after there was a consultation on the condition of rental properties in the private sector. Housing Minister, Brandon Lewis said: In 1988 […]

My Plumber secret: cheap shower fix

Jamie Glasson , Director of the Bathroom and Boiler division of My Plumber, shares his secret to replacing a shower when the tiles can’t be matched.  This is a huge money saver for clients who don’t want to spend money replacing all the tiles in the bathroom. There are not many plumbers who would tell you […]

What are my responsibilities as a Landlord?

As a landlord of a property, you have the responsibility of ensuring that your rental property is a safe home for your tenant to live in. Gas safety As a landlord you must: ensure that gas equipment you supply is safely installed and maintained by a Gas Safe registered< engineer have a registered engineer do an […]

My Plumber Hero of the week – Rob Gornall

This week the hero of the week goes to our engineer Rob Gornall.   Here is an email sent from a client today… “Dear Marion Just to say, your plumber Rob is the cleverest plumber I’ve ever had.   He’s very efficient, polite and helpful. Does he ever not know what is the problem with […]

Who to use for your home repairs? Handyman vs Plumber

We quite often get asked what the difference is between a handyman vs plumber.   It’s easy to see see why people get confused because some of the “wet” jobs can be fixed by a handyman such as changing tap washers, changing a simple ballvalve, perhaps changing a trap under a sink.   Certainly, handyman can […]

How do I re-pressurise my Worcester Bosch Boiler

This blog will explain how to fill your Worcester Bosch boiler using an Internal Filling Key. The following boilers are included in this blog: Worcester 24 CDi 26 CDi Xtra 28 CDi 35 CDi II If your boiler has a cover panel underneath, you will need to remove it. This can be done by dropping […]

Should I get my boiler replaced in the Summer?

If you have an old or unreliable boiler, don’t wait until the winter to get your boiler replaced.  There are many reasons why you should consider getting your boiler replaced during the warmer months: 1)  Every one waits until winter which means that plumbing companies are always busy then. This means that you might need […]

Boiler flues in voids

It is a well-known fact that carbon monoxide can cause poisoning and, at worst, death.  In the UK, many people have died because boiler flues have been badly installed.  This is why it is so important to have your boiler service carried out annually or an annual gas safety certificate (CP12).   The engineers at […]

Installing toilets in London

We thought we would share this funny looking toilet with you!  I am not quite sure how popular this will be but let us know what you think! When it comes to toilets, it really is down to a matter of taste.   Many people now are opting for back to wall toilets or wall […]

Wireless Heating Controls

At My Plumber, our installations team are now busy installing the latest technology in heating controls. Wireless Heating Controls are being fitted on most heating systems these days.  They give our clients complete control of their heating system from their mobile, tablet or laptop. Heatmiser is one of the most popular brands available on the market […]

When should worry about a replacement boiler?

We have a lot of people ask when they should be concerned about a replacement boiler.   This does depend on a lot of different factors.  Everyone has heard of the old floor standing boilers that go on pretty much forever without a problem.   These are the stalwarts of the boiler range!  It is […]

Why is my boiler losing pressure?

We get a lot of calls with people asking why is their boiler losing pressure.   The most common reason for a boiler losing pressure is that there is a leak on the system somewhere.  This could be a leaking radiator valve, a pipe or anything else that is causing water to leave the system.  Alternatively, […]

How to choose paint colours for your rooms

We carry out a lot of decorating work here at My Plumber and we know how hard it can be to choose colours.  What many people do is find sample pots. This is easy enough to do by either visiting your local B&Q or by going on line to websites such as Farrow and Ball […]

Show your house some love with 50 shades of care

Is it time to fall in love with your home again? Whether it’s: A total property refurbishment New bathroom or Wetroom Painting & Decorating Wallpapering Window replacements Flooring Handyman service Or for those little jobs, why not show your home some care 1 Touch up those much needed wall repairs with our professional painters and […]

How to cut your energy bills

1. Turn down your central heating thermostat by 1 degree.  In doing this, you could save up to £55 per year. 2.  Get thermostatic valves fitted on your radiators.  This will help you to control the heat in a room and could reduce the energy your boiler uses up by 40% 3.  According to the […]

My Handyman repairs and decorates London ceilings

My Handyman was called out to tackle a ceiling that was damaged with mildew and in desperate need of some TLC Jamie Tampin from My Handyman lovingly restored this old London ceiling back to its former glory.   This is what the ceiling looked like after we had repaired it.  Beautiful! If you have any […]

Chiswick Boiler Repair

Susan from Chiswick called in My Plumber when her boiler broke down in the run up to Christmas. The panic didn’t set in just because she had both her parents and the in-laws due to stay for the festive season. She is also expecting a baby in February. Heavily pregnant and the house feeling freezing […]

Showers and Showerheads

The art of choosing the right shower for the right system Choosing a new showerhead or shower requires more than simply picking a design that you like the look of. Believe it or not, you need to start with the system that you have in your house. Types of System There are three types of […]

Nest vs Evohome vs Heatmiser Neo

My Plumber has gone that extra mile when choosing a new thermostat for our clients in Chiswick and west London, but which of our top three thermostats do we like the most? After two bitter winters, the last winter turned out to be more about who had the best waterproofs instead of fighting a big […]

Nest Next Generation Thermostat

Meet the next generation thermostat: ‘Nest’. Most people do that quick pocket check before leaving the house… Keys, phone, wallet, bag… Heating?   We never remember to turn our heating off before leaving our house causing us to rack up hefty energy bills! My Plumber are pleased to say those days are over.     There […]

Evohome – control heating using your mobile, tablet or laptop

We fit a lot of heating systems into properties.   Controlling the comfort of a room is usually the work of a room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves on radiators.   Using the combination of the two, you can make a room colder or warmer depending on your comfort levels. This has worked successfully for many years […]

Why Replace Your Boiler

Benefits of having a new boiler 1) Reliability 2) Save costs in gas bills 2) Produces hot water on demand all year round 3) Produces heating on demand 4) No more tepid baths or showers 5) Enough hot water for the whole family 6) Relaxed bath times with the children 7) Get out of the house faster in […]

Guttering Tips for Rainy Weather

The My Plumber drainage team often gets asked about leaking guttering or maintaining guttering. At the moment in England, we seem to be experiencing more and more rain and we need our guttering to be working properly to protect our homes. The last thing you want is rain running over the top of your London […]

Types and styles of taps explained

Choosing the right taps for your home can be quite a difficult task. Different types of taps like bath, shower and vanity taps, have different requirements, and picking sets that match your interior and also do the intended job effectively, can sometimes be tough. If you choose to fit matching sets of taps throughout your […]

Cold patches on radiators – Powerflushing Explained

Many people have not heard of ”Powerflushing”.  They do not know what it is let alone what a benefit it could be to a central heating system. Put simply, Powerflushing is a procedure that is carried out in your home using a specialist pump.  The procedure is carried out to resolve problems with the central heating or […]

Tips for refurbishing your shower room

The shower room is finished after 12 days of work.  This is about the average time you would expect for a small shower room.   You can really see the difference and I have to say, it is wonderful to be able to walk into a clean shower room with a wonderfully warm floor! Here are […]

Chiswick Bathroom Moodboard

When planning your bathroom, you can put together a moodboard for inspiration and themes for your new bathroom.  It is also handy when you have completed it as you can show your bathroom fitter what you would like to see in your bathroom.  It pulls all your ideas together. Here is the moodboard that we made for my Chiswick bathroom.  […]

How to choose a good plumber in London

When I first decided to set up My Plumber, believe me, I knew nothing about plumbing.  I was just a posh girl from the City.  Quite honestly, changing careers from being a commercial solicitor to owning a plumbing company was like walking into a different world. Ladies, you need to have your wits about you when […]

Shower room refurbishment – Day 6

We are getting to the more interesting stages of the job now where some of the bathroom furniture has been fitted. The shower screen is in place now Tiles on the floor are fitted (and nearly completed) Towel rail fitted Trim fitted around the shelf Mirror on wall At last our room is starting to look like […]

Shower room refurbishment – Day 5

The tiling seems to be getting finished really quickly now despite the fact that the tiles are porcelain and the cuts can be quite difficult. Always check the type of tiles with your tiler before you buy them.  If you can think about it, ask him where the cuts will be so that this is […]

Shower room refurbishment – day 3

We are just at the end of Day 3 of our case study.  A considerable amount of progress was made today and I am pleased to say that it is becoming much clearer where things will be going.  The recessed shelves in the showering area were created today so we can see where our “his” […]

Shower room refurbishment – Day 4

Today was a long day for our fitter. Not only did he finish fitting Aquaboard around the room (which is a waterproof board base) but also he has started tiling.  Even though only half the wall is tiled, you can get an idea of what the finished shower room will look like. There were some […]

Shower room refurbishment – Day 2

Yesterday I got in from work at 7pm to see what progress had been made through the day. Our fitter had completely removed everything from the room.   It was clear to see some rotten wood from our leak and this will need to be replaced.  Interestingly enough, the leak was a result of some poor […]

Shower room refurbishment – Day 1

I have decided to do a real life video case study of a shower room refurbishment to show people what to expect when they are having work done in their home.  For the first time in a long time, I am going to be the client.  The client from hell probably! but I will try to […]

Shower room refurbishment – Day 1 update

We are half way through day one and our fitter has stripped out most of the main pieces of bathroom furniture. You will remember that I told you that there was a leak coming through to the kitchen, well once the shower tray was removed, it was possible to see that there was damage to […]

Gas Safe Regulations – Flues in Voids

Important advice for consumers who have flues which run in ceiling spaces Some properties, mainly flats and apartments, have been built with boiler flues which cannot be inspected because they are hidden behind walls or ceilings. The boiler flues that this information relates to are connected to room-sealed fan assisted boilers.  If you live in one […]

Clearing your guttering can save a fortune in drainage bills

Angie Lyons-Redman advises on how to save money by carrying out annual maintenance on your guttering. As soon as the rain starts, the calls start coming in with blocked gutters and drains causing havoc for our clients.   Mostly, guttering problems happen when regular maintenance is not carried out.  Some clients forget to have the guttering cleared after […]

How to negotiate the cost of your new home

Many clients do not realise the condition of the electrics or the gas appliances when they are looking to buy a property. Finding this out before hand benefits you because not only can you see how much you will have to spend on the property when you move in but also you can use this information cleverly to […]

How to fix a dripping tap

Leaking or dripping taps can be a serious issue in daily life. Not only do they produce an annoying sound, but the leaking can also result in wastage of 3 gallons of water every day. One day, you’ll realise your water bills are rising and what you are paying for is simply draining out. Repairs […]

DIY Tip Of The Day

Painting A quick lick of paint can really freshen up a room or hallway. If you use a roller to paint the walls, leave a 2cm gap between the top of the wall and the ceiling, corners, skirting and sockets. Use a brush to paint neatly up to the edge. The professional term is “cutting […]

Bright and breezy

Has your Monday morning gone as quickly as mine? I can’t believe we’re on the home stretch already! Must be that wind blowing time away. And its not just time blowing away – what about all those leaves! Aside from delaying trains, those pesky leaves can find their way into your guttering. If you’ve neglected your […]

How to fix a toilet that wont flush

Not being able to flush the toilet in the morning will not just ruin your day but probably your whole week. The sooner you deal with the issue, the better. If you don’t believe you can handle this job on your own, you can always hire a professional. Licensed plumbers charge on an hourly basis. […]

How to drill into a wall

Before you go drilling into your walls it can be handy to know exactly where to drill. A stud finder / metal detecting tool can be very useful. If for example you’re putting up heavy shelves, you’ll want to fix them to the studs – the wooden battens that secure plasterboard walls. Similarly, there are […]

How to wire a plug

Here’s an easy way to remember which wire goes where: Blue goes on the left. The second letter of blue is L = Left Brown goes on the right. The second letter of brown is R = Right That leaves the green earth wire which goes in the middle.

Prepare in summer for your annual boiler service

The weather we’ve been having is great. But how much longer can it last? October is usually the month that people turn on their heating, but with this unexpected warm spell, most people haven’t had the need. When its not in use your boiler’s out of sight, out of mind. Do you know when you […]

Home maintenance services from My Plumber

My Plumber have been keeping West London warm and dry for the past 10 years. We are pleased to be able to extend our services, and offer home owners and landlords a one stop Home Maintenance Service. Hassle free My Plumber Home Maintenance Services offer a range of trades from one handy point of contact. No […]