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What My Plumber clients say about Nest Intelligent Programmers.

Mrs Wilcock from Chiswick called in My Plumber when her boiler broke down in the run up to Christmas.

The panic didn’t set in just because she had both her parents and the in-laws due to stay for the festive season. She is also expecting a baby in February.

Heavily pregnant and the house feeling freezing she was in need of an early Christmas present.

This came in the form of a Nest intelligent heating system and a new Worcester Bosch boiler.

Mrs Wilcock told My Plumber: “It was not a good time for the boiler to break with everyone coming to stay and a baby on the way. I was very stressed and needed something done quick.

“Luckily My Plumber engineer Calvin and his apprentices were great.

“It was freezing outside and a lot needed to be done. Everything needed to be replaced and was not in a very good state. They had to fit a new boiler, pump and filter and also had to fit pipes on the outside of the house all the way up to the first floor.

“But they got it all done in time for Christmas. They were very good.

“I am now loving my Nest thermostats. I have a Skylark app on my phone and I use it all the time to set the heating and I think it must be saving us a lot of money as you are in total control of it.

“With the old timer I used to have to set it a couple of times a day and that was it there was no flexibility. We used to have the boiler on for four or five hours a day and now it’s just a couple of hours a day.

“We are not on a regular schedule and to be able to make changes whenever you like is fantastic.

“I see myself as an early adopter and I am sure these systems will take off.

“It works so well, it is visually appealing and I hope it will be slashing my energy bill as we are now in control.”

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What My Plumber clients say about Nest Intelligent Programmers.

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