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Boiler Efficiency

Boiler Efficiency

These days all boilers are required to be energy efficient, but there are still considerations that you should be aware of when you decide to buy a new boiler.

Boilers are reported to account for as much as 55% of household energy costs and how efficient they are plays a big part on your energy consumption and therefore your fuel bills.

Choosing the right boiler can be a minefield at the best of times so to help you understand a little better we’ve put together this handy guide on boiler efficiency.

Older gas boilers lose a lot of heat that could be used to generate energy for heating your home and hot water. These boilers are generally regarded as not being energy efficient and can sometimes generate only 60% efficiency, meaning that 40% of the energy they produce is wasted. so every pound spent on your fuel bill, 40p is wasted.

Even some more recent boilers are only 70% efficient. If you’d like to know the efficiency of your existing boiler you can check on the Product Characteristics Database (PCDB) for your particular boiler model.

No matter how old, it’s important to have your boiler serviced regularly because a well-maintained boiler will burn fuel as efficiently as it possibly can. Our standard Boiler Service costs just £85 +VAT.

If you are interested in finding out how you can achieve lower energy bills and a more comfortable home you can use this handy Home Energy Check tool from the Energy Saving Trust

Since 2010, all new boilers must be at least 88% efficient or A-rated for energy efficiency.

According to the Energy Saving Trust “Replacing a G-rated boiler with an A-rated boiler and full set of heating controls could save around £340 and 1,500kg of carbon dioxide a year.” That’s not only a huge saving on your pocket, but also a considerable reduction in your carbon footprint.

SEDBUK ratings

Energy Efficiency is a UK rating scheme that is designed to help consumers understand boiler efficiency. It’s sometimes referred to as SEDBUK which means the Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK.

The scheme was developed by the government along with boiler manufacturers and allows consumers to easily make a comparison of boiler efficiency.

The rating system clearly defines the boiler efficiency based on a grading system. A is the most efficient and G is the least efficient.

A – 90 per cent and above
B – 86-90 per cent
C – 82-86 per cent
D – 78-82 per cent
E – 74-78 per cent
F – 70-74 per cent
G – below 70 per cent

Condensing technology

In recent times condensing technology has meant that boilers can reach remarkable levels of efficiency, some, such as the Worcester Bosch Greenstar, are over 90% efficient, converting over 90% of the fuel it uses into useful heat – a big saving on your energy consumption that needed to heat your home, resulting in savings on your bills.

More importantly condensing boilers produce less carbon dioxide which is better for the planet because it helps to tackle climate change.

FREE ‘no obligation’ boiler estimate

There is a huge choice of boilers and boiler types that can be confusing for consumers. Not every type of boiler is suitable for every requirement so it’s important to speak to one of our experts who can provide you with advice based on your needs and the type of property you live in.

There are many considerations such as the type and size of your property, the number of bathrooms, the water pressure, whether you have a loft or attic and whether you would like to gain some extra space.

At My Plumber, we have Worcester Bosch and Vaillant approved installation engineers who can perform a brief assessment of your existing system and provide you with the best boiler and central heating system for you and your property.

We’ll also consider if your needs might change in the future. Maybe you have a growing family that will one day need more hot water and at consecutive times of the day.

Arranging your free estimate takes less than a minute. You can either:

We will try to make the process as simple as possible and ensure that you choose the right boiler to meet all your needs and give your long-term value for money.

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Boiler Efficiency

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