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What is ErP?

ErP stands for Energy related Product, which is a new regulation set by the European Union.

The aim of the directive improve the efficiency and performance of heating and hot water products, helping to reduce carbon emissions.

In the past there hasn’t been a uniform way to see the efficiency of heating appliances and the new regulation will standardise this across the entire 28 member states of the EU.

The new regulations will form the basis of the EU’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gases, raising energy efficiency and increasing the proportion of renewables by at least 20% by 2020.

The ErP Directive comes into effect in the UK from 26th September 2015 and introduces further energy efficiency classes, in addition to the existing SEDBUK rating.

The new class system is now from A++ rated to G rated, depending on the energy efficiency of the product.

To help you, the consumer, better understand and asses the energy efficiency of each product the EU has introduced a new efficiency label.

You may already recognise the label from other domestic appliances in your home. It’s been in existence for a while now but has only recently been applicable to hot water products and appliances.

The products that it covers extend beyond boilers to include water heaters and other heating appliances of up to 400kW. Boilers typically range between 9kW and 40kW.

The ErP Label is designed to classify the energy efficiency of gas and oil boilers, cylinders and renewable products and is applicable to for all products that consume energy or involve energy consumption.

In addition to the energy category there are additional details about the appliance displayed on the label.

The label is compulsory for individual appliances, but also for complete heating systems that comprise of several appliances and control components.

For example, nowadays most new condensing boiler are classed as category A, meaning that they are over 90% efficient. With the right selection of controls (or the addition of solar panels, which are classed as renewables) you can achieve an A+ or even A++ rating for your entire heating system.

Manufactures are responsible for labels on individual appliances but a boiler installation engineer will be responsible for system that comprise of multiple appliances.

All new boiler installations should be an ErP compliant high efficiency boiler.

What is ErP?

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