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Cold patches on radiators – Powerflushing Explained

Many people have not heard of ”Powerflushing”.  They do not know what it is let alone what a benefit it could be to a central heating system.
Put simply, Powerflushing is a procedure that is carried out in your home using a specialist pump.  The procedure is carried out to resolve problems with the central heating or when a new boiler is being fitted.
Here are a few reasons why people choose to have a Powerflush:1)  It cures flow and circulation problems in a central heating system

2)  It restores system efficiency which will ultimately mean that you boiler does not have to work so hard to pump water around your system (saving you money in gas bills)

3)  To help radiators to heat up evenly (have you got cold patches at the top of the radiator)

4)  To clean the whole central heating system including underfloor pipework

5)  It cures or prevents boiler noise

6)  Minimises boiler warranty problems

How is powerflushing carried out?

The Powerflushing pump is connected to the system across the flow and return pipework. All debris and corrosion is then dislodged by the flow generated by the pump. The dislodged material is then flushed through the pump’s drain. At the same time, the pump fills the system with fresh water  from the connection to the cold water main. Then inhibitor is added to ensure that the system continues to stay clean.  We use Kamco which is the best known brand for Powerflushing.  All our engineers have carried out the specialist Kamco course.

There are thousands of ageing central heating systems with circulation and boiler noise problems caused by accumulations of sludge, corrosion, debris and scale.  Powerflushing will cure most circulation problems.

Boiler manufacturers recommend that a heating system should be powerflushed when fitting a new boiler to an existing system. When a new boiler is fitted, the system alterations and high efficiency of the new boiler can dislodge accumulated debris which has been in the system for years. This is why boiler manufacturers may be reluctant to carry out warranty repairs where it is suspected that the fault has been caused by debris and sludge in the system. Only by Powerflushing a system can you be sure that a system really is clean to the standards demanded by modern high efficiency boilers and heat exchangers.

Radiators that are cold or partially cold are often this way because there is sludge trapped in them. The sludge tends to sink to the bottom of the radiator. This is why radiators can sometimes feel cold at the bottom and hot at the top. If the sludge is removed by powerflushing, then the water is able to circulate around the whole radiator rather than just the top part of that radiator.

If you are looking for a reputable plumber to carry out Powerflushing in Chiswick or west London, please let us know on 020 3078 5920 for more information.

Cold patches on radiators – Powerflushing Explained

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