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How to remove and install a new toilet

toilet installation

In this blog post our expert plumber walks you through removing and old close couple system toilet, preparing the space and installing a new toilet system.

Removing your old toilet

1. Remove the lid on the cistern

The first step is pretty easy. Simply remove the lid to the cistern and have a good look inside to familiarise yourself with all the parts. Your new cistern will probably come with the internal parts assembled but its always better to have a working knowledge of how the operate to make your toilet work.

2. Turn off the water supply

Once you’ve turned off the water supply its a good idea to flush the toilet to check. If the water supply is turned off properly the cistern it shouldn’t fill up again when you flush.

You’ll probably have about 1-2 inches of water left in the bottom of the cistern. This needs to be removed before continuing to remove the toilet.

A professional plumber will likely have a wet-vac that can be used to vacuum out any excess water out of the cistern (and the toilet bowl). A towel and a bucket is almost as effective, but it just takes longer to remove the water. Keep dipping the towel into the cistern to soak up as much water as you can and then keep ringing out the towel.

Do the same with the bowl and make sure both are as empty as possible.

3. Disconnect the water supply to the toilet itself.

With a pair of adjustable spanners slacken off the nut. Unscrew it fully and remove the pipe from the cistern block. Use a small towel to catch any excess water that might drop from the pipe.

4. Remove the cistern from the wall

Most toilets have a couple of screws to secure the toilet cistern to the wall. simply unscrew them to remove the unit.

5. Remove the cistern from the toilet bowl</p>

Look underneath the cistern and locate 2 wing nuts that secure the cistern to the toilet itself. undo them and you should be able to lift the cistern off from the toilet.

6. Remove the toilet waste pipe (soil pipe) from the toilet.

On a lot of toilets the pipe going out the back of the toilet is possible on a flexible quick. If it is, it makes it somewhat easier to remove the soil pipe so I’d recommend buying one (they are easy enough to fit) so that you don’t have to struggle with rigid 4-inch pipework.

7. Remove the toilet

Most toilets are secured into place by a couple of screws and a bit of silicone. So we need to remove the screws and cut the silicone and you should be able to move the toilet out of the way.

Once you’ve undone the screws gently take of the soil pipe on the back of toilet, then you should be able to remove the toilet completely.

At this stage we suggest pushing some paper into the soil pipe to trap the smell.

8. Prepare the area for the new toilet

Now your old toilet is removed it’s time to give the floor a good clean and remove any debris thats in the way.

As with a lot of bathroom renovation jobs you have to wait for tilers to get walls tiled and floors down before you can process with your new toilet installation.

Installing your new toilet

Now it’s time to install your new toilet. The procedure is almost the reverse steps of the removal but with a few extra things to bear in mind.

1. Fix the toilet to the floor

The first thing you’ll want to do, before actually securing the toilet in place, is to get the new toilet bowl into the position you want it to be in. Before securing it to the floor with any screws its a good idea to rest the cistern in place to make sure that everything is as it should be and that the cistern and the toilet are where expected.

2. Fit the soil pipe

Before you fix the soil pipe on the back of the toilet its a good idea to get a silicone gun and run round the inside of the pipe. Now when you put the toilet back you shouldn’t have any leaks.

3. Put the cistern back on

Make sure that any seals that she supplied with your new toilet are in place to avoid unwanted leaks. Once they are its time to drop the cistern onto the toilet. Some plumbers also like to squirt a blob of silicone down behind the new cistern to help secure it to the wall. This helps to fix it in place more securely rather than just relying on the screws.

4. Sort out the water supply

This could potentially be the trickiest part of your new toilet installation, depending on the length and positioning of any pipework coming from your new toilet and also the pipes that are already fitted from your old toilet.

It’s possible that fitting your new toilet properly might involve some soldering or use of compression fittings. This is where a professional plumber could be the best solution to avoid problems. We’d also recommend installing a small isolation valve so that if you have any toilet problems in the future you don’t have to turn the whole system off. You can just isolate the toilet itself and work on it there and then.

Disclaimer: The information on this web page is presented for general guidance purposes only and is supplied without liability. Such information is provided in good faith. Whilst every care has been taken in its preparation, no responsibility is accepted for any errors or omissions which it may contain. The information on this may be updated or changed at any time without warning.

How to remove and install a new toilet

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