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Mixergy Tank – The Eco Friendly Hot Water Tank

The Mixergy eco-friendly hot water tank is coming to London! The eco-friendly hot water tank, with energy economy and cost savings, now has permit approval for London household installation. And we have granted My Plumber an exclusive contract for London and inside the M25!!

Mixergy Tank – The Eco Friendly Hot Water Tank

How Does It Work?

1. Top-Up Technology
The Mixergy Tank is truly economic. Compared with other hot water tanks that must remain fully heated, without variable technology, this tank only heats the water volume needed. Think of the energy cost savings when water recovers to usable temperature 5x faster than classic tanks!

2. The Mixergy App (For Android And IOS)
Consumers can literally use the provided App to monitor and increase the hot water volume remotely from their phone. A daily heat schedule can be created with approximate usage costs displayed. Plus there’s the ability to stop the tank from heating up if you’re going to be delayed getting home.

Prospective users can maximize future Smart Tariffs by remotely controlling their energy consumption based on whether its a sunny, windy, rainy or snowy day. In the U.K., Economy 7 off-peak tariffs have been utilized for night energy and now Smart Tariffs are the eco-friendly mechanisms of choice.

3. Water Float
The eco-tank technology actually allows for hot water to “float” on top of cold water layers. The float mechanism utilises thermal stratification/sensing functionality. The float provides an accelerated water reheat rate (5x) and is a benchmark factor for installation value.

In fact, this mechanism has been validated by the National Physical Laboratory.

4. Tank Sensor and Control Intelligence

  • Allows user smart control functionality
  • Senses and Learns personal water usage data

As we like to joke, those heat loss savings could grace every Londoner with more than 20 cups of tea per day! What’s not to like about that?

UK Rollout

The Mixergy Tank has started to be noticed in a big way:

  • It was including at an exhibit at Grand Designs Live & UK Construction Week (9/2018);
  • The Mixergy Tank took a bow at a recent Fully Charged Show (8/2018);
  • It was exhibited at Future Resource Expo 2018; and,
  • Was shortlisted for the Engineer Collaborate to Innovate Awards 2018 – in partnership with The Balanced Energy Network (BEN) project. The BEN project is led by ICAX Limited and located at London South Bank University. Project goals target the combination of next-generation heat networks with smart-grid technology: to affect energy production costs and carbon footprint. The Mixergy Tank was represented as an eco-friendly energy mechanism.
  • Even more: the P.e.t.e Project has started the installation of 500 intelligent hot water tanks across London and Cornwall with an eye to providing a DSR grid solution (7/2017), and Mixergy tanks are involved. My Plumber has been tasked with performing each individual household site survey, and provide the P.e.t.e (Power, Energy, Technology, Efficiency) Project with the installation cost estimate.

Why Does This Matter?

This green product was created by an affiliate to the University of Oxford’s Energy and Power Group. According to YR2050 UK climate goals, the UK needs to implement environmental Demand Side Response Solution (DSR) programs. Future energy use will trend from natural gas use to heat electrification solutions.

Household hot water cylinder/tank installations are positioned at the forefront of environmental economies of scale. Analysts are aware that grid electricity places a reduced carbon footprint over natural gas, and mechanisms which successfully fluctuate energy use are key. Simply put, the Tank heats only the water you need and saves you classic full tank energy charges.

The Eden Projects Involvement

The Eden Project provides a good example of water economies. As an educational charity, the Eden Project, based in Cornwall, houses the largest captive rainforest worldwide with more than 2,000,000 plants. As such, they are water experts.

Though most of the used water is harvested from an underground drainage system, the water must be collected at the surface tank level. And this is where an eco-friendly water tank comes into play. Why would a reputable environmental charity use a substandard or pollutant mechanism to store irrigated water? They wouldn’t and that’s why they are Mixergy partners.

My Plumbers Involvement

My Plumber has been awarded the contract for Mixergy Tanks in London and has started installing them in more than 40+ Chiswick properties to date.

If you’re interested in installing the Mixergy eco-friendly hot water tank then please don’t hesitate to call us on 020 3078 5920

Established in 2005, we come with the following credentials:

  • Worcester Bosch accreditation
  • Vaillant accreditation
  • Won 2005 Britain’s Favourite Plumber/London round
  • Gas Safe Member
  • Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers (CIPHE) Member

As Winner of Best SME Business at the Hounslow Awards 2016, we have proved our reliability and expertise within the plumbing arena. As our Managing Director Angie Lyons-Redmond commented:

“I was so happy to receive the coveted ‘Best SME Business’ award at the Hounslow Business Awards. Of course, whilst it was me that accepted the award, really it is my team and their constant effort that made winning possible. I am so proud of everyone who works with me and all those who make My Plumber the great business that it is today.”

Mixergy Tank – The Eco Friendly Hot Water Tank

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