Boiler Installation Timeline

We strive for excellence with every boiler installation project that we carry out. But we do need a little help and input from you as well. We want a successful result and for us to achieve this, we would like to share with you what you can expect from the My Plumber team. We will also share what we need from you to ensure that we are aligned, working as a team, from start to finish.

What we'll do for you

  • Site visit to carry out boiler survey - The plumber will visit the property to check the current system and find out about your requirements
  • Estimate preparation and delivery - We will provide a no-obligation estimate that will be emailed to you within 3 days (unless exceptional circumstances prevent this)
  • Confirmation of Job - We will call you to make sure that you would like to go ahead with the work
  • Project Initiation Documentation - We will prepare documents to start the project. This will include our Trading Terms and Conditions and Deposit paperwork, which will be sent to you via email.
  • Finance Application (if relevant) - If you would like us to organise finance, we will call you to run through the questionnaire which will be submitted to our Facility Provider Barclays.
  • Start date - We will arrange a convenient date to carry out the work.
  • Work commences - We will arrive on-site between 8.30 am and 9 am on the start date. Initially, we will lay protective sheeting to protect your carpet and areas where we will be working.
  • Boiler installation work commences - We will carry out all the necessary steps required for fitting your new boiler.
  • Management of project - All jobs are carefully planned and scheduled in line with a diary that we try to stick to. Our engineers carry out 4-5 boilers per week so we need to try to stay on target.
  • Project Manager - You will be allocated a Project Manager who will be responsible for delivering your project.
  • End of Project - Once the engineer has finished fitting your new boiler, he will carry out all the tests to ensure that it is working properly. The results of these tests are recorded and kept in your Benchmark Log.
  • Cleaning up after project - We will tidy up the work area as much as possible and take away any rubbish left. We will also take away any materials that we have stripped out.

What we need from you?

  • Site visit to carry out boiler survey - 20-30 minutes of your time to discuss your heating and hot water system. Tell us what is wrong with your system.
  • Estimate preparation and delivery - 10 minutes of your time to review the estimate and discuss it with us to make sure that we have covered everything you need.
  • Confirmation of Job - Tell us if there are any final points you need us to clarify or whether you are happy to go ahead as planned.
  • Project Initiation Documentation - Please read through our Terms and Conditions and sign them off. Please also provide deposit payment.
  • Finance Application (if relevant) - Please ensure that you have your card details as proof of ID, ready for when we call you.
  • Start date - Please confirm when would be convenient.
  • Work commences - Please move any breakable items and ensure that any items that may be damaged by dust are safely removed from the area. This is especially important with tv sets and other electrical equipment. Artwork and paintings must be protected by the client.
  • Boiler installation work commences - Please be available to discuss any requirements as the project progresses. We may have questions that require your input. If you are not available, please tell us who we can talk to in the event that there are questions.
  • Management of project - Once a date has been agreed, please try to keep the date as delays can result in additional costs being incurred.
  • Project Manager - If you have any questions or concerns during the project, please call the project manager directly on the mobile number you will be supplied with.
  • End of Project - Please be available to discuss how your boiler works. Our engineer will need you for 10 minutes to help you set everything up so that it works to your requirements (e.g. Setting up a timer for hot water and heating).
  • Cleaning up after project - If you would like us to provide a full cleaning service, we can arrange this at a further cost. Please advise in advance.

Awards and nominations

Over the past decade the My Plumber's amazing team of skilled plumbers, gas engineers, electricians, and handymen have been recognised by winning awards and being finalists for multiple awards across London.

  • Hounslow Business Awards 2013
  • London Business Awards 2014
  • Hounslow Business Awards 2015
  • Hounslow Business Awards 2016